Quality Program

Before you obtain a Certificate of Authorization (COA) from the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), you must complete a Quality Program.

Before you begin to manufacture, install, repair, or alter a boiler, pressure vessel, piping, or fitting, you must submit a Quality Program Manual, and the applicable checklist(s) to be approved by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA).

Quality Program Manual

Refer to the sample Piping, Repairs and Alterations Sample Manual (word doc) for piping and repairs and alterations of boilers and pressure vessels. If you are applying to manufacture new boilers or pressure vessels, your company should seek the advice of a consultant to assist with a Quality Program Manual and demonstration item.

Quality Program Checklist

Select and include with your application the applicable Quality Program Checklist listed below to ensure that all Ontario requirements have been addressed in the Quality Program Manual.

Administrative requirements

View the following documents for administrative requirements:

Additional requirements

View the following safety bulletins for additional requirements: