Licensing and Registration

This section houses information and links to license equipment, update business information, change ownership and shut down devices or sites.

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) protects the health and well-being of Ontarians by providing oversight of individuals, organizations and devices in several regulated industries across the province to ensure regulatory safety obligations are met.  

Authorizations such as licences and registrations are the TSSA’s method of monitoring the activities of businesses, facilities and devices operating within Ontario. Having a valid licence, registration or permit informs the public that businesses, facilities, contractors, operators and devices are legally authorized to operate. TSSA ensures authorization holders are operating safely by collecting data required to validate knowledge, competency and qualifications through periodic inspections and audits and regulatory prerequisites.

There are several actions a license holder will need to take to keep their authorization valid and ensure they are operating within their regulated industry legally, including:

  • Applying for an initial license

  • Renewing a license

  • Reinstating a license

  • Updating information

  • Changing of ownership

  • Cancelling a license 

A service account owner can also grant a third-party agent full and unlimited authority to deal and transact with TSSA on their behalf by completing the Consent to Grant Third-Party Access form which authorizes an organization - other than the owner or licensee - to act on behalf of the owner or licensee. The consent form confirms to TSSA that the owner or licensee will allow a third party to receive information about their transactions with TSSA and may allow the third party to take action on behalf of the owner or licensee.