Register for an Exam

To register for a Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) examination, complete the steps listed on this page.

To register for a TSSA examination, complete the steps listed below.

(Note: In some cases, an accredited training provider will make exam arrangements for candidates who are enrolled and attending their in-class training program. Please contact your accredited training provider to learn more about this process.)

Step 1: Review the preparation guide

Review the Certification Examination Preparation Guide (pdf) before you submit your request for an examination.  

The Guide includes:

  • Basic examination details.

  • Scheduling information.

  • Prohibited and non-prohibited materials.

  • Frequently asked questions.

You may also wish to read our examination procedures.

Step 2: Complete an application form

Select, download and complete the application form related to your program of interest shown below.

Notes for Amusement Devices, Elevating Devices, and Ski Lifts Examinations

Candidates for any of these examinations must have a formal approval issued by TSSA before they are eligible to request an examination date and time.

Notes for Fuels

TSSA cannot schedule your exam until we have received an Application for an Ontario Certificate of Qualification completed by your Accredited Training Provider.

A Fuels examination candidate who is challenging a higher-level certification (i.e. G.2, OBT-2, etc.) must have a formal approval issued by TSSA before they are eligible to request an examination date and time.  

Also note that if you took a full program recognized by TSSA, you have one year from your practical examination date to undertake all three attempts (if needed for any level of certification).

Step 3: Select an exam date and time

Review the examination schedule (pdf) to confirm the availability of exam dates and centres before applying. Exams are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. 

In the Examination Schedule, an exam sitting is considered closed when the “Available Seats” column is marked with “0”. 

See all our examination locations. 

Step 4: Submit your application and pay

Examination request for Fuels, Operating Engineer and Elevating Device Mechanics:

For Amusement Device Mechanic & Ski Lift Mechanics:

Note: You will only be scheduled for the exam date and time you requested when you submit the applicable non-refundable exam fee.

More information

Accommodations for persons with disabilities

The TSSA is committed to ensuring that persons with disabilities have an equal opportunity to become certified to work in TSSA-regulated occupations. 

In accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), the TSSA ensures our certification and examination practices meet the needs of all qualified candidates wishing to take the required examination(s) for the appropriate TSSA-issued certificate of qualification.

For more information, please view our Examination Disability Accommodations page. 

To request an accommodation, complete the Examinations Disability Accommodation Application (pdf).

All accommodation requests must be pre-approved by TSSA before the examination candidate schedules an examination. If you are scheduling through your training provider, they will ensure TSSA is aware of your accommodations. 

NOTE: You must resend the approval email with each application for an examination that will be scheduled with the approved accommodations.

Post-COVID-19 examination protocols

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, TSSA’s examination process has been modified to stop the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

Examination candidates must be aware of these changes, as outlined below:

  • TSSA’s Head Office is closed to the Public.

  • TSSA/HUBS will not provide reference materials or code books for Operating Engineers/Operator (“OE”) examinations.

  • Candidates must bring their own reference materials and code books. More information on the permitted materials for OE examinations can be found in the Certification Examination Preparation Guide (pdf). 

  • TSSA/HUBS will not provide any stationery or writing utensils necessary for the examination. Candidates must bring in their own materials, including pencils, pens, erasers, a ruler/protractor, and a non-programmable calculator. Since multiple choice examinations must be completed in pencil, we recommend bringing multiple pencils and erasers to the examination so you do not run out.