TSSA recognizes that most regulated businesses share our commitment to safety, and we see regulated entities as our partners in safety assurance.

As an Outcome-Based Regulator, TSSA has adopted an enforcement framework that allocates resources towards illegal activity, high-risk entities, devices, or facilities and for serious or repeated non-compliances. This helps reduce regulatory burden on low-risk activities and compliant individuals and organizations.

TSSA’s regulatory toolkit includes a range of enforcement measures which will be used depending on the risk of harm (based on predictive analytics) and the behaviour of the regulated entity, including:

  • education / voluntary compliance

  • compliance support program

  • legally enforceable orders

  • sealing dangerous devices

  • administrative penalties

  • prosecution of offences

  • imposing conditions on authorizations

  • suspending or revoke authorizations

See TSSA's recent enforcement actions.