Certification: Operating Engineer

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority administers the certification and training of operating engineers.

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) oversees the certification and examination of operating engineers and operators to confirm their qualifications.

These activities ensure that all operating engineers and operators in Ontario have the skills and knowledge to safely manage, operate and maintain registered power plants.

There are eight different certification types within operating engineers. Each type has its own suggested study materials and certification requirements and has specific guidelines for candidates to follow in order to successfully apply for and obtain their required certification.

All require you to complete one or more examination(s) and submit an application form and fee.

Certification Types

The certification types below are specified in Ontario Regulation 219/01: Operating Engineers. Click the link to read the Examination and Certification Guide for each type. TSSA Is no longer offering review of essay examinations.

Certification and Examination

If you are submitting a request for certification, reinstatement or labour mobility assessment, please go to the TSSA Client Portal. If you are submitting a request for certification, please submit an Application for an Ontario Certificate of Qualification as an Operating Engineer or Operator (pdf) through our prepayment portal. 

To apply for a duplicate operating engineers certificate, please submit the Operating Engineers Duplicate Certificate Request (pdf).   

Need help preparing for your exam? View TSSA's Register for an Exam webpage. 

If you have questions, read our frequently asked questions about examination and certification.

Certificate Reinstatement

As outlined in Ontario Regulation 219/01: Operating Engineers, operators must apply for reinstatement if they have failed to renew their certificate of qualification within 12 months of the expiry date.  

Apply online through the TSSA Client Portal. View the Operating Engineers/Operator Certification Reinstatement Guide (pdf).

Out-of-Province Applicants

TSSA honours a combination of certificates in some circumstances where exact matches do not exist. View the Operating Engineers Matched Certificates/Non-Matched Equivalency Table (pdf) for more information.

A certification candidate who holds a matched equivalency from a matched jurisdiction is eligible to apply online through the TSSA Client Portal for certification through our Labour Mobility Certification Process for Operating Engineers/Operators (pdf).

Once TSSA issues formal approval of an application, the candidate must complete an open book examination on Ontario legislation. A passing grade of 65% is required.

Accredited Training Providers

Training providers must be accredited by TSSA before they are eligible to provide or offer a training program to the public. In order for an individual/organization to become accredited, they must submit an Application for Accreditation as an Operating Engineers Training Provider (pdf) and meet all of the requirements outlined in the Operating Engineers/Operator Training Provider Accreditation Policy (pdf).   

To find an accredited training provider, search our directory.

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