Certification: Ski Lift Mechanic

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) administers the certification and training of ski lift mechanics.

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) administers the certification of occupations regulated under the Technical Safety and Standards Act, 2000. As a part of that process, TSSA offers a number of certification and training services for ski lift mechanics in Ontario.

TSSA’s Ski Lift Mechanic Policies and Procedures (pdf) set out the requirements for Ski Lift Mechanic certification. They include important definitions, information on the different Skills Passports, and a certificate holder's rights, privileges and obligations. 

The following Ski Lift Mechanic certification categories are specified in Ontario Regulation 222/01, Certification and Training of Elevating Device Mechanics:

  • Ski Lift Mechanic Class A (SLM-A).

  • Ski Lift Mechanic Class B (SLM-B).

  • Ski Lift Mechanic Class C (SLM-C).

  • Ski Lift Mechanic Class F (SLM-F).

  • Ski Lift Mechanic Mechanic-In-Training, Class T (SLM-T.)

Obtaining a Higher Certificate Classification 

In accordance with Section 6 of Ontario Regulation 222/01: Certification and Training of Elevating Device Mechanics and the Ski Device Mechanic Policies and Procedures, mechanics-in-training or mechanics who would like to obtain a higher certificate classification (i.e. SLM-A, SLM-B, SLM-C, etc.) must submit an application for assessment prior to the examination and certification process. Before submitting an application for assessment, the Phase 1 examination must be completed and successfully passed. For more details, read Challenge Certificate Assessment for Ski Lift Mechanics

Certification and Examination

If you are submitting a request for certification, reinstatement, or an out-of-province assessment, you must submit the following application forms with your submission:

Applicants must successfully pass the provincial (or equivalent) examination for the relevant class of certificate with a minimum of 70%.

TSSA cannot schedule your exam until we have received an Application for an Ontario Certificate of Qualification (pdf). 

Applicants must have attended the full safety training workshops required by the passenger ropeway / ski lift industry. A notice of completion provided by an accredited training and/or examining organization must accompany your application. Please note: you must have a formal approval issued by TSSA before you are eligible to request a Phase 2 examination date/time.

Candidates who do not score a passing grade on the examination must submit a new examination request to re-write the examination no sooner than 30 days from the original examination date and will be allowed up to two examination re-writes, if required. If you fail the examination on three successive attempts, you must wait six months before attempting a re-write. 

Need help preparing for your exam? View TSSA's Certification Examination Preparation Guide (pdf). 

If you have questions, read our frequently asked questions about examination and certification.

Skills Passports

All ski lift mechanics and mechanics-in-training must hold and maintain a Ski Lift Mechanic Skills Passport for the scope of work being performed. 

A Skills Passport—known officially as the Ski Lift Mechanic Practical Skills Sign-Off Document—is designed to provide a representation of the experience and skills acquired in several specific areas within the passenger ropeway / ski lift industry. 

In addition to being a requirement for certification, it also serves to point supervising mechanics, inspectors, employers and mechanics-in-training toward areas requiring additional experience. 

Read more about the Ski Lift Mechanic Skills Passport (pdf).

Continuing Education

All classes of Ski Lift Mechanics (SLM) are required to complete a minimum of four hours of instruction from an Accredited Training Provider.

Documentary proof of completion of the continuing education requirement must be received by TSSA either:

  • before submitting a certificate renewal application; or

  • as an attachment to your certificate renewal application.

Please note, if you do not provide TSSA with this proof of completion, you will no longer be able to legally practice as a SLM certificate holder.

Certificate Reinstatement

Ski lift mechanics and mechanics-in-training must apply for reinstatement if they have failed to renew their certificate of qualification within 12 months from the date of expiry. 

TSSA assesses all applicants individually. Applicants approved for reinstatement of a Ski Lift Mechanic certificate (i.e., SLM-A, SLM-F) will be required to undergo a written examination in order to qualify for reinstatement of the certificate. Individuals seeking reinstatement are required to follow the Ski Lift Mechanic Reinstatement Certificate Process (pdf)

Out-of-Province Applicants

Out-of-province applicants may be required to first write the qualifying examination and pass a practical skills evaluation. Applicants who have completed a training program(s) in their home jurisdiction or those with existing qualifications in Ontario may apply for an Out-of-Province/Certificate Assessment. See Out of Province/Certificate Assessment for Ski Lift Mechanics (pdf) for more details. 

You may be able to match your qualifications if you have one of the following:

  • Nova Scotia - Elevating Device Mechanic - Class C

  • Quebec - Passenger Ropeway Mechanic - MRM

A certification candidate holding a matched equivalency from a matched jurisdiction is eligible to apply for certification, following our Labour Mobility Certification Process for Ski Lift Mechanics (pdf). 

In accordance with TSSA's Ski Lift Mechanic Certification Policies and Procedures (pdf), once a formal approval has been issued by TSSA, you must complete an open book examination on Ontario's Acts and Regulations. A minimum grade of 70% is required to pass.

Accredited Training Providers

Training providers must be accredited by TSSA before they are eligible to provide or offer a training program to the public. In order for an individual/organization to become accredited, they must submit an application that meets established accreditation and curriculum requirements.

In order for an individual/organization to become accredited, they must submit an Application for Accreditation as a Passenger Ropeway (Ski Lift) Training Provider (pdf) to TSSA that meets the requirements of the Training Provider Accreditation Policy (pdf), and the curriculum requirements listed in Ski Lift Mechanic Continuing Education 2022 Approved Curriculum (pdf).