Consumer Safety

This section provides information about TSSA’s regulated devices and public alerts, with links to safety resources and a fuels contractor lookup tool.

We all have an important role to play when it comes to keeping ourselves and our family and friends safe. TSSA provides important safety information and resources on a number of important safety topics. 

Carbon Monoxide Awareness

Fuel-burning appliances in our  homes produce carbon monoxide (CO2), a type of gas that can lead to injuries and death. Explore Carbon Monoxide Safety to learn more about “The Silent Killer” and what you need to know and do to protect yourselves. 

Regulated Devices and Equipment

For safety information related to devices and equipment regulated by TSSA, please visit the pages below: 

Other Consumer Safety Information 

Fraudulent Fuels Workers

In Ontario, furnaces and fuel-fired appliances must be maintained by TSSA-registered contractors and certified gas technicians. Hiring unauthorized technicians and contractors—also known as ‘trunk slammers’—for fuels works can pose serious risks. For more information, please visit Fraudulent Fuels Workers (Trunk Slammers)

Use our Find a Registered Fuels Contractor tool to locate an authorized technician or contractor in your area.

Product recalls

TSSA provides updates on safety recalls related to the industries and equipment we regulate. Visit Product Recalls for more details.