Boilers and Pressure Vessel Equipment for Agricultural Use

The Technical Safety and Standards Authority (TSSA) regulates most agricultural boiler and pressure vessel (BPV) equipment.

On July 1, 2021, the regulatory exemption for agricultural BPVs was lifted, marking an important safety milestone in Ontario.  

The exemption was revoked due to growing safety concerns in the agricultural industry; similar concerns were also highlighted by the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario in her 2018 report.

The Technical Safety and Standards Authority (TSSA) is implementing a five-year plan to bring into compliance all existing BPVs used for agricultural purposes that fall under the regulation as of July 1, 2021.   

All boilers, pressure vessels (BPVs), fittings and piping used for agricultural purposes must comply with:

As of July 1, 2021, owners and operators of agricultural operations that use boilers or pressure equipment, including the following devices, must comply with the regulations listed above: 

  • Steam boilers

  • Water boilers

  • Refrigeration equipment using ammonia, carbon dioxide, Group A1 refrigerants, and all other refrigerants

  • Pressure vessels

  • Pressure piping

Every owner of these devices is responsible for maintaining and operating their pressure equipment safely and immediately reporting to TSSA any incidents that cause injury, death or property damage.

TSSA will continue to work with agricultural partners to implement the regulatory requirements and make sure that owners, operators, and insurers of agricultural pressure equipment understand the safety regulations and how to comply with them.   

If you have questions, email Or view these frequently asked questions about the Minister’s revocation of the agricultural exemption.

Key requirements for regulated devices

BPV devices and equipment that fall under the regulation must comply with key requirements. These include scheduling an inspection and obtaining a Certificate of Inspection. Manufacturers must register their designs and request a Canadian Registration Number (CRN) for each design.  

If you plan to repair or alter existing devices or equipment or piping systems, please see the Repairing or Altering BPV Devices and Equipment.

Equipment exempted from regulation

Some equipment is exempted from regulation because of the size of the equipment, the lower pressure or lower temperatures at which it operates, or its use of non-hazardous liquid. 

See Ontario Regulation 220/01: Boilers and Pressure Vessels for a full list of exclusions, and Amendments to the 2001 Boilers and Pressure Vessels Code Adoption Document (pdf).

Report your agricultural BPV equipment

Owners and operators of agricultural operations should report their BPV equipment to TSSA by completing this online form, or downloading the Application to Report Pressure Equipment Used for Agricultural Purposes (PDF) form. TSSA will use the information collected through the form to do a risk-based assessment and establish a priority list for scheduling inspections based on the type of device, its location and whether it is covered by insurance. 


For more information on how to comply with safety laws, refer to the resources below:  

An April 29, 2021, news bulletin and accompanying infographic outlined the regulatory requirements for newly installed boilers and pressure equipment used for agricultural purposes that fall within Ontrio Regulation 220/01: Boilers and Pressure Vessels, including the types of devices that are regulated, and examples of equipment that are excluded from regulation.

A June 4, 2021, news bulletin explained the requirements for existing, unregistered agricultural BPVs that would need repair, alteration, upgrading and/or replacement starting July 1.  

Other helpful resources:

Educational resources

To help owners and operators of agricultural BPV equipment meet their compliance obligations, TSSA has provided the following three educational modules.  

These resources provide a contextual understanding of the revocation of agricultural exemption. They also help clarify the responsibilities and compliance requirements of owners and operators of regulated BPVs used for agricultural purposes.   

Module 1: An Overview - Guidance for Agricultural BPV Owners and Operators (pptx)

  • Introduction to TSSA

  • Background on the Minister’s Order Revocation

  • What Compliance Means to Agricultural Organizations

  • Regulatory Hierarchy   

Module 2: BPV Equipment Installed Before July 1, 2021 (pptx)

  • Rules for Equipment in Operation before July 1, 2021

  • Performing Work on Piping Systems

  • Maintenance Requirements for Regulated Devices

  • Relief Valve Servicing and Lift Testing   

Module 3: Installing New BPV Devices (pptx)

  • List of Various Applicable Codes for Different Devices

  • Rules and Information about Canadian Registration Numbers (CRNs)

  • What is a Data Report and Why It Is Important

  • Information about Certificate of Authorization Holders

  • Requirements for Installing Rental Equipment