Schedule an Inspection

To schedule an inspection for boilers and pressure vessels by TSSA, complete the form on this page.

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) inspects boilers and pressure vessels. To schedule an inspection, complete the applicable inspection form below and email it to 

Please have the following information on hand when scheduling an inspection:  

  • Device owner’s legal name and address. 

  • Billing company name, address, and address for the inspection. 

  • Contact name, email, and telephone number. 

  • Name of the TSSA inspector who has inspected the inspection site, if applicable. 

  • Any special safety training required to access the inspection site.    

For information on related inspection fees, please visit the TSSA Fees page for the current Boilers and Pressure Vessels Fee Schedule. 

New Manufacturing (Shop Fabrication), Repair, Alteration, Hot Tap, Welder or Brazer, and Periodic Inspections:

Complete the BPV Inspection Request Form (pdf)

Email the completed form to

Piping and Alternate Piping Inspection Process 

Complete the BPV Piping Inspection Request Form (pdf). 

Email the completed form to

Boilers and Pressure Vessel (BPV) Installation Inspections

To schedule an installation inspection for a new BPV or if your insurance company has requested to schedule an installation inspection for an existing BPV, follow these steps: 

  1. Complete and save the Installation Request Form (pdf). Please ensure the device owner’s name is correct, as the Certificate of Inspection will be issued in the name of the device owner.

  2. Use the Service Prepayment Portal to prepay for the inspection. 

Click here for instructions on how to use the prepayment portal

1. Existing customers should enter their TSSA account number and the postal code for the account’s primary address. New customers should enter their complete company information. When using the portal, choose the program area Boilers and Pressure Vessels and the form number BPV-011-v2.

2. Enter the total fee amount calculated and displayed in “Box 1” at the bottom of the Installation Request Form (pdf). The total amount is calculated before taxes.

3. Select “No” for Expedited Service

4. Upload the completed Installation Request application form and any or all of the supporting documents listed below to the Service Prepayment Portal. Mandatory documents are shown with an asterisk (*).

- * First Data Report (pdf)

-  *Picture of the nameplate

-  Manufacturer’s Data Report

-  Picture of the installation of device and surrounding area

-  Confirm the amount and make your payment.

5. You will get a receipt after payment has been made.

TSSA will process your application and schedule an inspection within 10 to 15 business days, depending on inspector availability. 

If you need help, contact TSSA’s inspection scheduling team from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  

Our inspection scheduling team responds to calls during regular business hours in the order in which they are received. Response to emailed inspection requests can be expected within one business day.  

Inspections conducted by an insurer

There is no change to the inspection scheduling process for BPV inspections conducted by an insurer. TSSA inspects only uninsured BPV devices. For insured devices requiring periodic inspections or for repairs of devices, please contact your insurer to schedule an inspection of your device. 

After you schedule an inspection

Once an inspection has been scheduled, TSSA’s inspection scheduling team will create a work order for the type of inspection requested and send you a confirmation email with the work order number. The email will provide details about the type of inspection, location, inspector name and contact number.  

Inspectors are assigned based on the type of inspection, inspector availability, and the location of the inspection. 

If you have technical questions about a scheduled inspection, please contact the scheduled inspector and provide the work order number. Or send an email to 

Inspection scheduling lead times 

The table below shows the minimum lead time required for requesting the different types of inspections. Rural or northern Ontario inspections may require longer lead times due to travel.

Inspection Type

Lead Time   

Information Required During Scheduling 

Shop Inspection -  

Boiler/Pressure Vessel 

One business day 

  • Estimated duration of inspection 

  • Nature of the job 

Repair Inspection  

One business day 

  • Unique Identification (UID) number of the device (if known) 

  • The device’s serial number, device manufacturer, CRN number, and the year the device was built. 

  • Inspection location: shop or field 

  • The number of devices that require inspection 

Alteration Inspection 

One business day 

  • The device’s Unique Identification (UID) number (if known) 

  • The device’s serial number, device manufacturer, CRN number, and the year the device was built. 

  • Inspection location: shop or field 

  • The number of devices that require inspection. 

  • Alteration CRN (5AN) (if available) 

Welder – Brazer Test/Ticket  

Two business days 

  • Type of test required (Welder or Brazer) 

  • Number of tickets required 

Piping Inspection  

Two business days 

  • Inspection location: shop or field  

  • Associated Piping CRN (P#) (Please specify if there is more than one Piping CRN) 

  • Original work-order number (If the request is for a job in progress)  

Installation Inspection – Boiler/Pressure Vessel*

Five business days 

  • First Data Report (pdf)

  • Manufacturer’s Data Report 

  • Photo of device nameplate 

  • Photo of installation with the surrounding area 

  • Number of devices that require inspection 

*Installation inspections must be prepaid. Fill in the relevant information in the Installation Inspection Request Form (pdf) and prepay on the Service Prepayment Portal. For details, see above.

Urgent inspections  

To schedule an urgent inspection, please call our Inspection Scheduling Team at 1-833-937-8772 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday. TSSA’s inspection scheduling team will respond to calls in the order in which they are received.  

For emergency incidents relating to boilers, pressure vessels and Operating Engineers, contact the Spills Action Centre (SAC) 1-800-268-6060, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need immediate help from police, fire department or ambulance, call 911.