Welding or Brazing Procedure & Personnel Qualification

A company that plans to weld or braze must register with TSSA and all welders or brazers need to be qualified.

A company that plans to weld or braze must register all welding or brazing procedures with TSSA, and all welders or brazers need to be qualified.

Here are the steps for registering welding or brazing procedures and certifying welders or welding operators and brazers or brazing operators.

Adding welding or brazing to a Quality Program

A company that is adding welding or brazing to its Quality Program should contact TSSA’s Inspection Scheduling Team at inspectionscheduling@tssa.org to set up an appointment with an inspector.

For all procedure qualifications, the inspector will be required to accept welder or brazer certificates before submission to TSSA. 

A welding or brazing control section must also be added to your company’s Quality Control Manual. For help, email bpvqa@tssa.org or ask your local TSSA inspector.

BPV Trades Association Members 

If your company is a BPV Trades Association Member with the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI), Ontario Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractors Association (ORAC) or the Mechanical Contractors Association of Ontario (MCAO), you may have access to procedures that are already registered. You can obtain these procedures by contacting the applicable organization.

For more information on procedure registration, visit About the Canadian Registration Number (CRN).

Welder or Brazer Qualification

The company responsible for certifying the welder/welding operator or brazer/brazing operator shall complete the appropriate Certificate below following ASME Section IX requirements: 

After the coupons have been welded or brazed for the procedure qualification, they must be sent to a certified testing facility for mechanical testing as required in ASME Section IX. 

Upon successful testing, the Welder or Welding Operator Certificate or Brazer or Brazing Operator Certificate will be presented to the TSSA inspector for acceptance.

For more information on welding and brazing, visit the welding or brazing inspections section under Types of Inspections

Welding or brazing procedure guidelines

Applicants need to upload the following documents into the TSSA Client Portal when registering welding or brazing procedures: 

  • Procedure Qualification Record

  • Welding Procedure Specification or Brazing Procedure Specification

  • Welder/Welding Operator Certificate or Brazer/Brazing Operator Certificate

  • Certified testing facility report

You will receive a reply when the application has been assigned to a reviewing engineer from TSSA. 

The engineer who has reviewed the procedure will contact you if additional information is required or issue an approved registration number for your procedure.