Petroleum Contractor Audit Program

A key purpose of conducting Petroleum Contractor Audits is to ensure understanding of and compliance with safety obligations under the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000, TSSA LFHC-2017 (the Liquid Fuels Handling Code,, and the associated Liquid Fuels Handling Code CAD amendment (2019, pdf), Ontario Regulation 216/01 (Certification of Petroleum Equipment Mechanics,, and any other applicable codes and procedures in Ontario. 

TSSA’s contractor audit procedure includes external site inspections of ongoing and/or completed projects on either installation and/or service-related work. It includes a scheduled visit to the contractor’s office to assess office procedures and review service or work order records as required. 

TSSA currently audits every registered contractor in Ontario under the TSSA Fuels Safety Petroleum Contractor Audit Program. The frequency of an audit is influenced by many factors which may include the findings of a previous audit, a consumer complaint, failure to renew a registration, changes in certificates or registration, or other safety-related matters.

Two types of audits that may be conducted by a TSSA inspector:

Newly Built Facilities/Modification/Maintenance of Sites:

Newly built facilities or modified facilities with newly installed underground equipment require two inspections:

  • Before the tanks and piping are backfilled; and

  • After the site has been commissioned

Modification means a reduction, expansion or a change to the layout or the operation of a facility but does not include maintenance or decommissioning. 

Maintenance includes:

(a) the repair or replacement of equipment with identical equipment, or servicing of equipment

(b) the replacement of equipment with equipment that has similar performance specifications where it is not necessary to change the layout perimeters directly associated with the equipment, or

(c) the concrete work required to allow the installation of a pump or dispenser under clause (b)

Tank Removal and/or Decommissioning of Sites 

TSSA’s Petroleum Contractor Audit requires the contractor to provide the following: 

  • Name and TSSA registration number of the contractor or sub-contractor responsible for equipment removal

  • Name and TSSA certificate number of the petroleum mechanic responsible for equipment removal

  • Name of the Environmental Assessment Company and its contact information

For more information, please review the Petroleum Contractor Audit Program booklet.