Inspection FAQs

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) regulates the transmission, distribution, transportation, storage, dispensing and burning of fuels in Ontario. As part of that regulatory process, TSSA carries out inspections and licenses pipelines, gas stations, propane filling stations, marinas and tanker trucks. New facilities are inspected before they are licensed, and existing facilities are inspected periodically according to a risk-based model.  

Here are the most frequently asked questions about these inspections.

  • How does TSSA determine the amount of time required for my inspection?

    We have estimated the average time required for different types of inspections. With this average inspection time in mind, TSSA agents will ask additional questions to better understand the scope of the inspection and adjust the time accordingly. 

    You are encouraged to share any details with the agent that could inform the length of the inspection. Inspectors will also review their schedule and request any changes.

  • What happens if an inspection cannot be completed within the allocated time?

    In most cases, inspectors can adjust their schedule while onsite to complete an inspection. Inspectors will notify the Inspection Scheduling Team as required. 

    TSSA also provides a buffer between inspections to give inspectors some flexibility to stay longer at a worksite or arrive earlier at the next worksite. TSSA’s Inspection Scheduling Team will notify customers if there are scheduling changes.

  • If we require more than one inspection, do we need to schedule each one separately—or can we schedule this work together in one visit?

    In many cases, work can be grouped for the same job and type. When you are scheduling an inspection, please let the agent know that you required additional inspections.

  • What happens if an inspection needs to be delayed or cancelled, for example because of inclement weather or illness?

    TSSA agents may occasionally need to change the timing of an inspection or assign another inspector. An agent will contact you to reschedule your inspection. 

    If you cancel an inspection while the inspector is enroute or have arrived at the inspection site, a flat travel charge will be applied.  There is no charge if you notify the Inspection Scheduling team at least on business day in advance.

    If an inspector is behind schedule, an inspection scheduling agent may contact you to change an inspection time. If this inspection time cannot be changed because the inspection is high priority, the TSSA agent will consider scheduling another inspector or, if required, consult the Fuels Supervisor.

  • Will inspectors continue to work directly with contractors and customers on questions or discussions on inspection reports and orders?

    Yes, inspectors will continue to handle consultations and clarifications on inspection reports and orders.

  • Who do I call if I have a question for an inspector that does not relate to a specific inspection?

    If you have questions, please email, or call our toll-free number at 1-877-682-8772.

  • Does TSSA outsource inspection services to other companies?

    At times, TSSA will enter into contractual agreements with third parties to support its Fuels Safety inspection workforce.