Propane Risk Safety Management Plans (RSMPs)

Propane facilities in Ontario are required to have Risk and Safety Management Plans (RSMPs) to ensure public safety.

Ontario Regulation 211/01: Propane Storage and Handling requires propane facilities in Ontario that are retail outlets, filling plants, cardlock or keylock, private outlets or container refill centres to have Risk and Safety Management Plans (RSMPs) to ensure public safety. 

RSMPs are a best practice in propane safety and reflect the commitment by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) to emergency prevention and preparedness, information sharing, and data analysis.

RSMPs capture key information about propane facilities according to the size of the facility. “Level 1” propane-transfer facilities are smaller-scale sites, while “Level 2” RSMPs capture information about larger propane-transfer facilities.

Facilities that fill cylinders and vehicles, sell propane in bulk to end users, or transfer propane in bulk are licensed and must submit RSMPs. 

Sites that consist only of propane tanks or cylinders connected to heating systems are considered consumer applications, and do not require a licence or an RSMP.

Submitting an RSMP

Use one of the documents below to complete an RSMP application or request a review of an existing RSMP:

Risk and safety management plans require a Record of Training (ROT) issued by a TSSA-approved Accredited Training Provider.

For more information on completing your RSMP, see FAQs: Propane RSMPs.

About Level 1 RSMPs

Level 1 RSMPs do not require approval from the local fire service but the local fire service must be given an adequate opportunity to review the plan and comment on the emergency response and preparedness procedures. You must complete Pages 9 and 10 of the Level 1 RSMP application in consultation with local fire services and obtain their signature on Page 11.

The local fire service will advise the applicant within 30 days of receiving the information if any significant issues are identified and will respond to the applicant within 60 days on remaining issues and approvals. 

TSSA will process Level 1 RSMPs that have not been reviewed and signed by the local fire service as long as the local fire service has been provided an opportunity to review the plan and visit the site. This must be documented by a letter, an affidavit, or a courier receipt, confirming that the local fire service was given an opportunity to review the RSMP and visit the site. 

About Level 2 RSMPs

TSSA will approve Level 2 RSMPs that have been approved by the local fire service. 

View an RSMP

To locate a propane-transfer facility in your area and view its RSMP, type the name of your city or town and/or your postal code in the keyword search on the RSMP search page. For best results, please enter your postal code in the following format, including the space. For example, “L6L 2L2” 

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For more information about RSMPs call TSSA toll-free at 1-877-682-8772.