FAQs for Owners & Operators: BPV COI Portal

The Technical Safety and Standards Authority (TSSA) has an automated BPV COI Portal for Owners and Operators where owners and operators of boilers and pressure vessels can renew a Certificate of Inspection (COI) or review the information on file about their boilers and pressure vessels.

Below are frequently asked questions about the portal. If we haven’t answered your question here, please email customerservices@tssa.org or call 1-877-682-8772.

BPV Owner and Operator Portal FAQs

  • Why should I use the portal?

    The portal makes it easier to complete the COI process after an insurer has conducted an inspection:

    • After an insurer uploads a Record of Inspection (ROI), you can review and validate their ROI online.

    • You can pay for COIs online and view, download, and print your COIs.

    • You can also view and download inventory details. Search for site address, owner/operator name, or any other inventory data displayed in the portal.

  • How do I access the portal?

    Owners and operators can access the portal at BPV COI Portal for Owners and Operaors.

    Registration for the BPV COI Portal for Owners is required. For registration support, contact customerservices@tssa.org.

    Insurers have a separate portal at BPV COI Portal for Insurers.

  • Can multiple contacts from our organization access the portal?

    Yes. Each contact or portal user will need to register separately on the portal.

    To set up another portal user, email the contact’s first and last name, email address, and phone number to bpv_inquiries@tssa.org.

  • I am getting an error message and cannot log in. Can you help?

    The portal supports Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Using another browser, such as Firefox or Safari, may cause an error.

    If you use Chrome or Edge and are still experiencing errors, please contact bpv_inquiries@tssa.org.

  • Can you help me reset my portal password?
    Please click the “Forgot my password” button on the portal sign-in page and follow the instructions.
  • What do I do if some of the information on the ROI is incorrect?

    If you need to update your information before you validate an ROI, please fill out the appropriate form below.

    For inventory information, send the form with a picture of the device’s nameplate to bpvidrequest@tssa.org. To update other dates or information, email bpv_inquiries@tssa.org.

    TSSA will review the information, reach out with any questions, and update our records.

  • Where can I send updated account or billing information?

    Please email the following information to bpv_inquiries@tssa.org, and we will update our database:

    • Registered legal entity name (as found in the Ontario Business Registry).

    • Billing address.

    • Corporation or business identification number.

    • Primary office address.

    • Preferred communication method (mail or email).

  • I cannot see a Record of Inspection (ROI) for my device in the portal. How can I get my COI?

    If your device does not have a Unique Identification (UID) Number that was assigned after the device had an Installation Inspection, your ROI will not appear in the portal. (Owners or insurers must obtain this number before an ROI can be uploaded to the portal.)

    Check with your insurer if they have submitted a Request for UID form to TSSA. If they have, the request is in our queue, and it will be processed in the order it was received.

    Once the UID has been assigned, your insurer will be able to upload the ROI for you to approve and pay for the COI via the portal.

    If you believe your device has a UID, but the ROI is still not appearing in the portal, please contact your insurer.

    If your insurer has uploaded your ROI, but you still can’t see it, please email bpv_inquiries@tssa.org and let us know.

  • How can I tell TSSA that I have sold, relocated, dismantled, or scrapped a device?