Request a Public Record

You may request public records from TSSA, provided that the information requested meets the definition of “public information.”

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) may release information from its archives, provided the information requested meets the definition of public information as defined in TSSA's Access and Privacy Code: Mandated Activity (pdf) and Access and Privacy Code: Commercial Activity (pdf)

Note: While TSSA provides existing records for a specific location, facility, or device; it does not interpret or provide further explanations of the content contained in the document. 

You must prepay any fees related to your request for public information. Please refer to the Public Information Fee Schedule. TSSA provides a written quote for all multiple record and database product requests. You must approve the quote and prepay any fees before we retrieve the requested public information.

Please note that for hard copy requests, additional fees may apply.  

Payments for public information and records must be made by VISA or MasterCard through the TSSA Client Portal. TSSA will no longer accept payment by cheque, money order or bank draft.

If you have questions, email us at

Only existing records can be requested

TSSA, as a safety regulator, uses inspection resources to address the greatest harm posed to the public. Thus, inspection only follows up on safety orders it issues based on the degree of risk posed by the non-compliance identified in the order(s). All high-risk orders will result in a follow-up inspection by TSSA until the non-compliance is resolved. TSSA no longer follows-up on low or medium risk orders referred to as safety tasks. Therefore, TSSA can no longer provide you with a report indicating the safety tasks (low and medium-risk orders) have been resolved. This information should be obtained from the device or facility owner or their contractor. One can also engage a third-party contractor to confirm device or facility compliance.

TSSA can only provide existing records for a specific location, facility, or device. If an inspection or any other type of record does not exist, TSSA will not perform a new work, such as an inspection, for the purpose of creating a record. 

Common terms associated with requests

  • A “multiple record” is more than one document or report relating to an individual authorization or thing; or an individual document type relating to more than one authorization or thing. 

  • A “database product” or “bulk data” is aggregate or summary information extracted from one of TSSA's databases. 

  • A “device” is a piece of equipment that is regulated by TSSA.

Status of a licence, certificate, or registration: no application needed

If you need to find out if a technician is certified, a device or business is licensed, or a contractor is registered, please email us at: This information does not require a formal request or a fee.

For certificate inquiries, please have the certificate number or the technician's full legal name, date of birth and address. 

For licence inquiries, please have the licence number, or

  • for elevating devices, the installation number, or

  • for fuels-related inquiries, the location address and name of the business.

For contractor inquiries, please have:

  • the contractor registration number, or

  • the contractors full name and address, or

  • the company name. 

We will respond by email to all inquiries. There is no fee for this service.

Number of devices at a specific location: no application needed

If you need to know how many fuel tanks are installed at a specific address or how many elevators a building has, please email us at:

Please provide:

  • the municipal address, or

  • the lot, concession number and township

We will respond to all inquiries via email and do not charge a fee for this service.