Outcome-Based Regulator

As a modern, Outcome-Based Regulator, TSSA takes a comprehensive, risk-based approach to safety oversight.

Our model: a modern, Outcome-Based Regulator

We take a comprehensive, risk-based approach to safety oversight. To do so, we

  • Collect and analyze data to identify risk factors that contribute to and cause incidents

  • Identify higher-risk regulated entities that we can help become safer, using tools like increased education, inspections, audits and pre-requisites in authorization renewals

  • We inspect devices evaluated as "high-risk" more often

  • Identify compliant, lower-risk regulated entities with good performance records that only need regular authorizations and periodic inspections

  • Investigate and prosecute people and entities that are operating illegally in the province

  • Track changes in compliance and performance to help us decide where to focus our attention

  • Educate consumers to help them avoid safety hazards and use technical equipment safely

See our Outcome-based regulator infographic here:

Outcome-based regulator infographics