Operating an Amusement Device in Ontario

TSSA regulates amusement rides and devices in Ontario. Here is what you need to know to operate one in the province.

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) regulates amusement rides and devices in accordance with the:

If you want to operate a regulated amusement ride or device in Ontario, follow these steps.

For a detailed list of regulated and exempt devices, see Am I Regulated?

If you are unsure whether a device is regulated or not, please contact TSSA Amusement Devices Engineering at addesignsubmittal@tssa.org.   

Step 1: Get an Operating Licence

If you want to operate a regulated amusement ride or device in Ontario, you must first hold a valid Amusement Devices Operating Licence.

Learn how to get an Amusement Devices Operating License

Step 2: Apply for a Permit and Submit a Technical Dossier for Each Ride or Device

In accordance with Ontario Regulation 221/01 – Amusement Devices, you must apply for and obtain a permit for any amusement device being operated in Ontario. A permit is not required for operating an amusement device at a private dwelling.

As part of the process of obtaining a permit, you must submit a technical dossier containing several pieces of information.

Learn how to submit a technical dossier and obtain a permit for each of your rides and devices.

Step 3: Prepare for and set up a TSSA inspection

To book an initial inspection or a periodic inspection for your amusement device, you must complete a Pre-Examination form, then contact TSSA to set up the inspection.  

Learn more about preparing for and setting up an inspection.

Step 4: Receive and display your permit and installation number tag

The TSSA inspector will issue an Amusement Device Permit once they have completed the inspection and confirmed:

  • The Amusement Device's Operating License is current and valid

  • The amusement device conforms with Ontario Regulation 221/01 – Amusement Devices.

  • The amusement device is in safe operating condition and is in accordance with the filed technical dossier.  

The permit must be kept near the amusement device for which it was issued.

An AD Installation Number Tag will be mailed to the Licensee after the Licensee files a new technical dossier for an Amusement Device. If necessary, you may request a duplicate Amusement Device Tag (pdf).

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