Engineering Services

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) reviews Passenger ropeways and conveyors (ski lifts) designs to ensure compliance with the Technical Standards and Safety Act and any other applicable regulations or adopted safety codes and standards.

In addition to reviewing new and altered designs and variances as part of our Design Registration services, TSSA offers safety assessments and compliance reviews.

Safety assessments & compliance reviews

TSSA can review standard designs, components, controllers, certifications, and tests to ensure they meet required regulations and codes. 

Other assessments

Filing of Aging Ski Lifts Periodic Engineering Review and Assessment

In accordance with Director's Order 224/07-r2 and/or its latest revisions, Passenger ropeway and conveyor (ski lift) owners must conduct periodic reviews of above surface lifts once they reach a certain age or hours of usage according to the Aging Ski Lifts - Periodic Engineering Review and Assessment Schedule (pdf)

To request a review and assessment, complete and submit the Application for Filing of Aging Ski-Lift Periodic Engineering Review and Assessment (pdf) and include all required supporting documents.