Am I Regulated

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) regulates Passenger ropeways and conveyors (ski lifts) in accordance with the

all other applicable regulations and codes.

  • As the regulator, TSSA reviews and registers elevating device Design Submissions.
  •  Provides engineering services, issues licenses, licenses contractors and mechanics.
  •  Conducts inspections, and performs incident investigations.

Regulated Ski Devices

These devices are regulated under Ontario Regulation 209/01: Elevating Devices s 1. (5).    

The following classes of Passenger ropeway and conveyors (ski lifts) are designated for the purposes of this Regulation and the code adoption document:

8. Passenger ropeways, being, 

i. above-surface ropeways, whether circulating passenger ropeways such as chair lifts or gondola lifts or reversible  

passenger ropeways such as aerial tramways, such as  

  • Fixed and detachable grip Chair lifts.

  • Gondola lifts.

  • Reversible passenger ropeways (aerial tramways) 

ii. surface ropeways such as bar lifts or ropeways made of fibre or wire, such as  

  • T-bar, J-Bar, platter ropeways  

  • Rope tows.  

iii. ropeways for secondary carriers such as tube tows, such as  

  • Tube tows.  

iv. or conveyors.  

  • Conveyors, magic carpets – recreational.  

12. Special elevating devices.