Elevator Availability FAQs for Elevator Contractors

Owners and licensees of elevators in residential buildings and long-term care homes must report outages. Here are FAQs for elevator contractors. Elevator contractors for elevators in residential buildings and long-term care homes sometimes have questions about the reporting requirements for elevator outages lasting more than 48 hours.

Here are the questions most frequently asked by elevator contractors about reporting elevator availability.

  • Do I need to report elevator outages for elevators that I repair?
    No. Only the owner or licensee can report an elevator outage.
  • I disagree with the information provided by the owner. What can I do?
    If you are the maintenance contractor for the device, you can create a user ID and password to provide a comment about the report. Comments are not displayed to the public but are visible to the owner or licensee.
  • I cannot get a password with my account information. What can I do?

    If you are a contractor who received an error message (such as “Installation number is not valid or not owned by the customer”), please send the following information to customermanagement@tssa.org:

    • Customer number

    • Company name

    • Installation number of the passenger elevator in a residential building that you maintain.

    Your customer number and recognized company name can be obtained from a recent invoice.

    We will contact you with your login information within 48 hours.