Contractor Certification, Licensing, and Audits

Most fuels regulations call for contractors in Ontario to be registered by TSSA and fulfill specific licensing and certification requirements.

TSSA licences fuel facilities, registers contractors and certifies tradespeople who install and service regulated equipment.

A contractor is a business that is engaged in providing services related to specific technical fields, often involving construction, maintenance, installation, or repair of equipment, systems, or infrastructure.

Contractors play a crucial role in ensuring that various projects and operations are carried out in compliance with relevant technical standards and safety regulations. They are responsible for delivering quality work while ensuring the safety of their employees, their clients, and the public.

A licensed contractor is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Technical Standards and Safety Act, all relevant regulations, and all applicable safety orders and guidance.   

Licence holders

A license holder is an entity that has been granted a license by TSSA to own or operate a regulated device within Ontario.

Holding a valid license indicates that the entity has met the qualifications and requirements set forth by TSSA to carry out their designated activities safely and effectively.   

If you are a fuels contractor or contracting company, you can obtain a licence with TSSA to install, operate and maintain regulated equipment across the province. Visit Apply for an Initial Licence.

If you are a contractor in the fuels industry in Ontario, you will need to complete one or more of the application forms listed below as part of your registration:

Note that a person who is not performing work themselves might still be considered a contractor. For example, if a contractor agrees to perform work for a customer and then sub-contracts the work out to another contractor, both contractors would have to fulfill the appropriate licensing and certification requirements.

For more information, see Apply for an Initial Licence.

Certificate holders

A certificate holder is an individual who has been granted a certificate by TSSA after demonstrating their competence and knowledge to do work on regulated equipment. 

In regulated industries, a certificate serves as a formal recognition of the certificate holder’s ability to perform certain activities or operate specific equipment within a regulated industry, and that the holder has met the necessary requirements and is authorized to carry out certain tasks or operations.

If you are a fuels contractor or contracting company you are required to ensure Fuels Safety Technicians that you employ to do work on regulated equipment are properly trained and certified. Visit Certification: Fuels Safety Technicians.   

Contractor audits

Contractors in Ontario are subject to audits conducted by TSSA. TSSA inspectors are authorized to carry out inspections and determine if the Technical Standards and Safety Act and any applicable regulations are being complied.   

Contractor audits reinforce contractor responsibilities and ensure an understanding of safety obligations and compliance with applicable legislation, regulation, codes, and procedures.

During an audit, contractors will have the opportunity to ask a TSSA inspector questions about compliance obligations.

TSSA conducts two types of contractor audits: the Heating Contractor Audit Program and the Petroleum Contractor Audit Program. Both programs are developed to ensure that contractors understand and comply with applicable safety regulations, codes and procedures in Ontario.

For details, please visit the Heating Contractor Audit Program or the Petroleum Contractor Audit Program webpages.