The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) inspects all operating power plants that are registered with TSSA.

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) inspects all operating power plants that are registered with TSSA in accordance with the Technical Standards and Safety Act. Inspections include initial or periodic inspections, inspections triggered by regulatory non-compliance, inspections initiated by an incident that requires investigation, and others.

The frequency of these inspections is determined by the potential safety risk a plant presents to the public. At a minimum a plant is inspected once every two years.

Initial inspections are inspections conducted on “net-new” devices. Periodic inspections are conducted based on a plant’s risk level, at a frequency from every 6 months to every 2 years.  

Follow-up inspections are conducted based on the issuance of an order of compliance noted during a previous inspection.  

In addition to regulating Ontario’s and Operating Engineers, the Technical Standards and Safety Authority’s (TSSA’s) Operating Engineers Safety Program offers other services.

Booking or Rescheduling an Inspection

To book an inspection, email, or call toll-free 1-833-937-8772.  

For a complete list of inspection fees, view the Operating Engineers Fees Schedules (pdf).  

To reschedule an inspection, please contact a scheduling agent at or 1-833-WFP-TSSA (1-833-937-8772). A minimum of 24 hours of notice is needed to reschedule an inspection.

Incident Investigations

In accordance with Ontario Regulation 219/01: Operation Engineers, TSSA investigates on-site accidents that would require a follow up inspection.  

TSSA will conduct a follow up inspection to ensure the identified risk has been remedied and the operator can execute their authority effectively and safely.

Pre-Inspection services

When requested, TSSA will provide pre-inspection services for new equipment or plants. We will identify any potential non-compliant safety issues before a mandated inspection or registration takes place.

Sealing or Unsealing of Equipment

In some cases, TSSA can apply seals to reduce the power rating of a plant. A seal allows a plant to operate with reduced staffing requirements and prevents unsafe equipment from operating. A TSSA OE inspector must agree with the unsealing of any equipment. 

Consulting Services

When requested, TSSA will conduct a preliminary review of plant designs. We determine if they meet with our registration requirements and conform with safety laws, codes and standards. To learn more, read the Plant Registration User Guide (pdf) or Application for Registration of a Plant (pdf).

To submit a Variance Request, complete an Application for Variance (pdf).