Boilers & Pressure Vessels - Register-A-Design

Owners, users, agents, manufacturers and contractors of boilers or pressurized equipment are responsible for registering equipment designs with TSSA to get a Canadian Registration Number (CRN). Before pressurized equipment is registered, its design will undergo an engineering review to ensure compliance with the Act, Regulations and adopted safety codes and standards.

Applications may be submitted to TSSA electronically. Please refer to the Guidelines for Electronic Application for Design and Welding/Brazing Procedure Registration. 

Below is an overview of the design-registration process: 


Submit a Design Registration Application 

Step 1: Determine the following:

  • The type of non-nuclear pressurized equipment type you want to register

  • For use in Ontario only or in multiple jurisdictions across Canada


Step 2: Complete the applicable forms and provide the required supporting documents

Step 3: Prepay and submit the completed application form and supporting documents through one of the following ways: 

  • The application form and supporting documents should be sent to if:

  • Payment is made by cheque or wire transfer

  • The application is for nuclear pressurized equipment 


  • The application form and supporting documents should be uploaded and sent to TSSA’s Prepayment Portal if payment is made by credit card via the Prepayment Portal 


Step 4: TSSA acknowledges receipt of the application package and assigns an engineer to review the application

Step 5: If the design-registration application is approved, TSSA will send the applicant a registration package along with a CRN. If the application is incomplete, TSSA will request the applicant to provide the required information. This can delay the application process. 


Application Forms for Ontario Registration 

You may be required to complete any of the following Ontario registration applications: 


Guidelines for Ontario Registration

View the applicable registration guidelines for the following devices: 

You may require the following documents to register piping systems:

You may also view TSSA’S bulletins on the following: 

For more information about design registrations, contact Shaun Montano, Manager, BPV Engineering at (416) 734-6211 or via email: 


Design Registration Fees

Ontario-Only Services

Please refer to the respective application forms or the BPV Fee Schedule - Effective May 1, 2023 for engineering-service fees. 

All fees are payable in Canadian funds and due upon receipt. Several payment options are available, including the use of a credit card, cheque, money order, or wire transfer. 

For questions regarding payment, contact the Customer Contact Centre toll-free at 1-877-682-TSSA (8772) or email