Trunk Slammer Campaign Resources

Safety is a right, not a compromise.

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Trunk Slammer Campaign Resources

Fuel equipment scammers, also known as trunk slammers, are unregistered and unlicensed workers who use substandard materials and practices in fuel-related work, posing serious risks to you and your family. For your safety, it's crucial to hire fuel contractors registered with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). 

This Fraud Prevention Month, TSSA, as a member of the Competition Bureau Canada's Fraud Prevention Forum, is running a campaign to educate Ontarians about trunk slammers and how to differentiate between legitimate and illegitimate contractor. On this page, you can access relevant resources and tools that will help protect you from illegal fuels workers. 

Watch Videos

In these videos, a TSSA fuels investigator will guide you through some of the most important things you need to know about fuels scammers. 

Video 1 - Who Trunk Slammers Are

Video 2 - Warning Signs of Possible Trunk Slammers

Video 3 - Recognizing Legitimate Fuels Contractors

Video 4 - Tools to Ensure Fuels Safety at Home

Read Qualified Fuels Contractor Checklist:

This 1-minute read offers succinct tips from Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) about how to handle suspicious door-to-door salespeople selling you fuels-related appliances or services. 

Download English version

Download French version

Explore Ontarians' Stories

Read the safety lessons from Ontarians who have encountered trunk slammers. 

Trunk Slammer Stories | TSSA

Find Legitimate Fuels Contractors:

Hire registered fuels contractors to ensure your safety. Find or verify companies with a valid TSSA Registration using our easy-to-use lookup tool:

Report Fraudulent Fuels Workers:

If you come across illegal fuels workers, don't hesitate to report them to TSSA by emailing: 

Safety is a right, not a compromise. Educate yourself, explore these resources, and report any suspicious activity to help combat fuel equipment scammers for a safe Ontario today and tomorrow.