Be Fuels Wise: Know the Tools to Combat Trunk Slammers

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Mar 15, 2024

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Did you know that 65% of fuels-related incidents in Ontario are attributed to issues such as substandard installation of fuel-burning appliances and poor maintenance practices? 

Safety is a right, not a compromise. As we mark World Consumer Rights Day, TSSA wants to remind Ontarians about what you can do to protect yourself and loved ones from fraudulent fuels workers, otherwise known as “trunk slammers.”

In Ontario, furnaces and fuel-fired appliances must be installed and serviced by TSSA-registered contractors who employ certified and trained gas technicians. Without proper certifications and registrations, identifying and rectifying issues caused by trunk slammers can be challenging. Moreover, their work is not audited for safety compliance, potentially exposing consumers to severe consequences, such as carbon monoxide poisoning.

Spotting the Signs of Trunk Slammers

When seeking a contractor for fuels work, watch out for these red flags:

  • Ontario prohibits the sale of furnaces and water heaters by door-to-door salespeople unless the homeowner has requested this or there is already a contract in place. Exercise caution when approached in this manner.
  • Be cautious of businesses offering rebates and incentives supposedly approved by the government or utility companies. These may be baiting tactics. Always verify such offers directly from the source to avoid scams.
  • Legitimate contractors seldom provide quotes over the phone without assessing the job on-site, nor do they demand a significant cash advance upfront. Beware of those pressuring you into making purchase decisions on the spot.
  • Be wary if someone claiming to be a TSSA inspector tries to sell furnaces, water heaters, or energy services. TSSA inspectors do not sell products or services and do not go door-to-door. TSSA inspectors only attend residential locations as part of an official incident investigation or when a homeowner requests a visit.

Tools to Protect Yourself from Trunk Slammers

Remember that you can take proactive steps to guard against trunk slammers when you are planning fuels work in your home:

  • Verify Credentials: Qualified fuels contractors readily provide a full business address, telephone number, and customer references. Before engaging fuels contractors, use the "Look up a fuels contractor" tool on to verify their credentials.
  • Report Fraud: When you come across a fraudulent fuels worker, report them to TSSA by sending an email to: As a regulator, TSSA is committed to investigating and taking legal action against unlawful operators. Your action can save others from fuels scams. 
  • Explore Resources: Visit TSSA’s website for additional resources and real-life scammer stories. These firsthand experiences offer invaluable insights for combating fuels scammers.

Stay fuels wise by educating yourself about trunk slammers, recognizing red flags and promptly reporting any suspicious fuels activity to TSSA.

Remember, safety is right, not a compromise.