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Mar 01, 2024

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Technical Standards and Safety Authority Launches Public Education Campaign to Combat Fraudulent Fuels Workers 

Toronto, ON, March 1, 2024 – Fraudulent fuels workers, commonly referred to as ‘trunk slammers’, pose a significant threat to the safety of Ontarians by performing services at a reduced rate using substandard and unsafe materials. This Fraud Prevention Month, the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) is launching its fifth Trunk Slammers Awareness and Enforcement Program to urge Ontarians to hire registered and certified fuels contractors, understand how to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate fuels contractors and remain vigilant against fuels scammers by reporting them to TSSA. 

As both data and incidents show, it is imperative for homeowners to engage legitimate fuels professionals for fuels-related work. According to TSSA’s historical data, approximately 65% of fuels-related incidents were caused by issues including substandard installation of fuel-burning appliances and poor maintenance practices. Furthermore, TSSA's most recent public safety report highlights an incident where improper installation of fuels appliances resulted in an explosion, injuring two Ontarians. 

Under Ontario law, furnaces and fuels-fired appliances must be maintained by TSSA-registered contractors. All registered contractors are required to hire TSSA certified gas technicians who have extensive training and are qualified to perform fuels work safely. With some 9,000 registered fuels contractors and 78,000 certified professionals across the province, consumers have numerous legitimate options for fuels-related services. 

As trunk slammers lack certification or registration with TSSA, neither their work, equipment nor qualifications are audited and verified by TSSA. Hiring these fuels scammers can lead to serious risks, including carbon monoxide poisoning and other harmful consequences. 

“Safety is a right, not a compromise. Hiring registered fuels contractors is the right thing to do to keep you and your loved ones safe,” said Kelly Hart, Director of TSSA's Fuels Safety Program. “Before engaging any fuels contractor, always verify the contractor’s registration status using the convenient and easy-to-use lookup tool on our website.” 

Hart continued, “Fuels scams are a serious issue. When you are approached by fraudulent fuels workers, report them to TSSA. TSSA is committed to investigating these reports and taking legal action against unlawful players. Reporting illegal workers is a proactive step in saving others from these scams.” 

TSSA’s online resources offer tailored safety content aimed at combating fuels scams. These include a series of videos featuring practical guides from TSSA investigator about legitimate fuels workers and trunk slammers, which will be released throughout the month. 

Take these steps to protect yourselves from fraudulent fuels workers: 

Stay informed about trunk slammers during this Fraud Prevention Month by following TSSA on Facebook, LinkedIn and X.


For more information, please contact: 

Alexandra Campbell Vice President, Communications and Stakeholder Relations 

Technical Standards and Safety Authority 

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