TSSA announces winners of 2023 Safety Awards


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Sep 21, 2023


The Western University Power Plant team and Brandon Irwin of Osler Bluff Ski Club recognized for their exceptional contributions to Ontario’s safety

Toronto, ON, September 21, 2023 – Today at its annual public meeting, the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) presented this year’s Safety Awards to the Western University Power Plant team and Brandon Irwin of Osler Bluff Ski Club.

TSSA’s annual Safety Awards is a nomination-based program that honours individuals and organizations working in sectors regulated by TSSA that have made significant contributions to public safety in Ontario.

“Within our regulated industries, many dedicated professionals work tirelessly and creatively to create a safer Ontario and we are delighted to celebrate the safety champions who have demonstrated remarkable commitment and leadership,” said Bonnie Rose, President and CEO of TSSA. “Congratulations to the deserving winners of this year’s Safety Awards, Western University’s Power Plant team and Brandon Irwin, whose inspirational stories exemplify what it means to go above and beyond in the name of safety.”

Nominations are accepted for two award categories: the Impact Award, recognizing significant contributions, initiatives, or projects that demonstrate safety excellence or exceed regulatory compliance; and the Legacy Award, acknowledging sustained safety conscientiousness demonstrated by individuals or organizations.

TSSA Legacy Safety Award Recipient: The Western University Power Plant team

The 15-strong Power Plant team at Western University manages a central power plant that supports diverse buildings across the campus. The winning team has maintained an impeccable record of zero lost-time incidents for 20 years, an outstanding achievement considering how expansive their operations are.

A profound sense of caring for people motivates the team to work hard and innovate to make workplace safety a priority. A notable innovation is the introduction of a ‘working alone’ program, which leverages technology and automation to improve safety for lone workers. The program requires these workers to acknowledge a system alarm every hour; in the event of a miss, the system automatically alerts the designated team to perform a wellness check on the operator.

“The Western University Power Plant team demonstrates a relentless pursuit of safety excellence and innovation that merits recognition,” said Kim Semper, Director of Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Operating Engineers, TSSA. “Their teamwork and culture represent what it means to put people first.”

Watch this video of the Western University Power Plant team or read the story here. 

TSSA Impact Safety Award Recipient: Brandon Irwin of Osler Bluff Ski Club

In his role as a Lift Operator at Osler Bluff Ski Club in Blue Mountains for the 2022-2023 ski season, Brandon Irwin’s unwavering focus on customer care and safety became vital when a 76-year-old passenger suffered a stroke while on the chairlift. Thanks to Brandon’s prompt action, the passenger was quickly transported to hospital for an emergency surgery and subsequently made a successful recovery.

The entire process, from Brandon’s initial call to the transfer to Emergency Medical Services (EMS), took only 21 minutes. In emergencies like this, time is of the essence, and Brandon’s focus on passenger safety, along with his quick thinking and acting, delivered a life-saving outcome. 

“Brandon’s remarkable dedication to safety has saved a life, which underscores the importance of a safety-first mindset,” said AJ Kadirgamar, Director of Elevating and Amusement Devices, TSSA. “We’re privileged to have him as a role model in our safety community.”

Watch this video of Brandon Irwin or read his story here.

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