TSSA Amusement Ride Safety Training 2024 Wraps Up on a High Note

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Apr 10, 2024

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The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), in partnership with the National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials (NAARSO), held the 22nd annual TSSA Amusement Ride Safety Training from April 2 to 5, 2024.

More than 160 registrants received 16 hours of continuing education credits from NAARSO by attending the three-day forum, which was held in Oshawa, Ontario this year.

In-class and practical sessions covered a gamut of topics that included ride inspection and audit, rider accessibility, ride evacuation, maintenance records, standards and regulatory updates, welding best practices, electrical requirements, grounding and bonding, and more.

Regional Supervisor for Elevating and Amusement Devices (EDAD) Sonny Silva and EDAD Engineer Joelle Javier were the event organizers behind this successful training event. Silva and Javier also gave an update on TSSA regulations and standards.

Presenters included ride manufacturers, engineers, ride mechanics, theme park operations professionals and other regulators.

Other notable speakers included Alan Black, principal of adbForensics, Inc. Black delivered a keynote, “Bringing Aviation Insights to Amusement Rides” and shared his safety insights gained from a career in aerospace and 18 years as a Principal Engineer and Director for Walt Disney working on the advanced design of rides, show and stunt equipment for theme parks and resorts worldwide.

Dr. Kathryn Woodcock, a Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University in the School of Occupational and Public Health, delivered an insightful session on accessibility and inclusive design in amusement rides from an accessibility rider’s point of view. Her area of expertise covers amusement rides and attractions, human-error and accident analysis, and safety inspection.

Dr. Woodcock underscored the importance of analyzing and documenting the rationale behind ride restrictions in ride manuals and operations and balancing safety, accessibility and inclusion to ensure that safety rules protect riders and do not exclude people with disabilities.

Other speakers at the training event included NAARSO’s John Riggleman who presented on rider eligibility and screening, and two speakers from Electrical Safety Authority — Gord Kelly and Keith Bartlett — who talked about the electrical process and industry practice.

TSSA’s Engineering Technologist Patrick McDermott’s presentation entitled "Electrical Schematics, Common Control Issues, Examples of Circuits” pointed to the importance of having good electrical schematics that would inform what to review and how the ride or device works.

The training event wrapped up with NAARSO level I and II exams on April 4, 2024.

“Providing the platform for amusement-ride professionals to receive 16 hours of continuing education credits from NAARSO is an important safety initiative to ensure that attendees have the updated expertise to operate safely in their jobs,” said AJ Kadirgamar, TSSA’s Director of Elevating and Amusement Devices and Ski Lifts Safety Program.

In-class and practical sessions covered a gamut of safety topics over the three-day training.

In-class and practical sessions covered a gamut of safety topics over the three-day training.