Submitting BPV Applications For CRNs Through the TSSA Client Portal

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May 06, 2024

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The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) has launched a new Client Portal to consolidate its online services into a user-friendly interface, streamlining processes and enhancing accessibility.
The TSSA Client Portal, launched on April 29, 2024, offers online submission of TSSA’s highest-volume applications with the ability to submit supplementary documentation where required. The Client Portal is also an online gateway to a suite of self-serve capabilities, empowering regulated clients to conduct various transactions, manage their accounts and pay invoices.

1. Design Registration Applications
The following online BPV (non-nuclear) applications are available on the TSSA Client Portal:

- Apply for BPV Design Registration

- Request for BPV Variance

Please see the table below for the types of BPV applications and the respective channels to which they should be submitted:
A table of BPV application types and their respective submission channels.
2. Unique Email Address for Each User  

To get started with the TSSA Client Portal, all customers are required to sign up as new users. 

- Existing clients must link to their existing TSSA account (Existing users should not create a new account).

- New clients need to create a new account.

Organizations are reminded that unique email addresses are required for each user – access to the Portal is not permitted for users sharing a single email address. 

3. Submitting Applications On Behalf of Others
Before submitting a CRN application on behalf of the design owner, you must list the design owner as your client to ensure the registration letter is issued to the design owner by linking your organization's TSSA Client portal account to your client’s TSSA Portal account by clicking “LINK TO ACCOUNT”. To successfully link the accounts, you need to:

- Obtain your client’s TSSA customer number by asking your client for their TSSA account or customer number (available on a recent invoice); or call TSSA’s Customer Contact Centre at 1-877-682-8772. Our agents will provide you with the customer number after validating your credentials.

- Ask your client to sign the Consent To Grant Third Party Access form that will allow you to transact on their behalf. 

This is a one-time effort that must be completed for each and every one of your clients.

If your client has never transacted with TSSA before, they will not have a TSSA account or customer number. To submit applications on their behalf, you need to create a TSSA Portal account for them by clicking “CREATE ACCOUNT” in the TSSA Client Portal and linking your client’s newly created Portal account to your Portal profile.

Improper linking to your account and that of your client, or attempting to submit through the Service Prepayment Portal will result in the cancellation of your application and your prepayment refunded. You will need to resubmit the application which will delay the processing time.
Please see the following resources for help: 
1. How to Link Existing Accounts:
- How to Link an Existing Organization Account
- How to Link an Existing Individual Account – Personal Certificate Holders
- How to Link a Third-Party Submitter
How to Link Third-Party Property Management Company

2. How to Create an Account:
- Create an Organization Account
- Create an Individual Account – Personal Certificate Holders
- Create a Third Party Account

3. Instructions on BPV Design Registration application:
- BPV Design Registration Submissions

4. FAQs on the TSSA Client Portal
For further assistance, please email or call the Customer Contact Centre at 1-877-682-8772.