Ski – FAQs


  • What is TSSA’s role in the ski industry?

    The Passenger Ropeways (Ski Lift) Safety Program is responsible for regulating the safety of passenger ropeway devices in Ontario under the Technical Standards & Safety Act 2000.

    TSSA reviews and registers their design; conduct inspections and license devices when they conform to Ontario safety requirements. On existing passenger ropeways devices, TSSA conducts periodic inspections.

    We also provide public education throughout the province to promote safer behaviors by passenger ropeways patrons in order to reduce of incidents involving these devices.

  • What is considered a ski device?

    TSSA-regulated passenger ropeways include: bar lifts, chair lifts, gondola lifts, reversible ropeways, ropeways, secondary carrier tows (tube tows) and belt tows.

  • How often do these devices get inspected to ensure they are safe?

    TSSA is committed to safety and working with Ontario's ski industry.

    At the start of every ski season, an existing ski lift device must renew its operational permit and be inspected by TSSA. The actual permit is validated during the course of such an inspection.