Ride Smart This Summer with These Safety Tips

Industry: Amusement Devices

Category: Public Safety

Jun 17, 2024

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As summer heats up, nothing is more thrilling than an exhilarating trip to an amusement park. Whether you're a roller coaster enthusiast, a go-kart driver, or a zip line adventurer, following safety guidelines is the best way to make your amusement park experience fun – and worry-free. 

Here are five ride smart tips to keep in mind for a safe summer at amusement parks:

1. Follow Age, Height, Weight, and Health Restrictions
Before hopping onto any ride, spend some time to read the posted age, height, weight, and health restrictions. Meeting the physical requirements for the ride's intensity will keep you safe. 

2. Observe All Posted Safety Rules
Each amusement ride has its own set of safety rules. Follow all instructions provided by ride operators and any recorded announcements or signs. These guidelines are meant to protect you, so always pay attention to them.

3. Secure Your Posture 
Keep your hands, arms, legs, and feet inside the ride or water slide at all times. Never stand when the ride is in motion and stay seated until told by a ride operator to exit. 

4. Use Safety Equipment Properly
Amusement parks provide various safety devices like seat belts and lap bars to keep you secure. Always use these safety devices as intended and never attempt to loosen or remove them while the ride is in motion. 

5. Avoid Using Phones on Rides
Avoid using cell phones on rides. Distractions like texting, answering calls, taking photos or videos could lead to accidents. Besides, phones can slip out of your hands or pockets, causing potential harm to yourself or other riders. Be sure to stow your phones safely, along with other loose items, including wallets, sunglasses, cell phones, and hats. 

Safety is essential for maximum amusement park fun. This summer, make sure you're the safety superhero for yourself and your family. Keep the excitement high and the worries low by adhering to safety measures on every ride.