Requirement to Report Elevator Outages via Portal Takes Effect on July 1

Industry: Elevating Devices

Category: Regulatory Updates

Jun 15, 2022


Elevator outage data will be used for public reporting and to help shape regulatory decisions

Starting July 1, 2022, owners and licensees* of elevators in residential buildings and long-term care homes are required to report elevator outages lasting 48 hours or longer via the Technical Standards and Safety Authority’s (TSSA’s) Residential Elevator Availability Portal. The reporting needs to be completed within 30 days after the day the elevator was returned to service.

The portal provides the following functions:

• View elevator outage records reported to TSSA
• Report elevator outages 
• Correct elevator outage data

(*Licensee: The person in charge of the elevating device as the licence holder.)

Report Outages by Elevator Owners and Licensees

Only elevator owners and licensees can use the portal to report elevator outages lasting 48 hours or longer by entering a user ID and password, which can be created using the following information:

- Customer name and number (found on a recent TSSA invoice – see sample below) 
- Installation number (found on an elevating device licence)

Sample invoice:

To report outages, click the “Login” button and select the “Report Elevator Outages” tab:

View Elevator Outage Records by Elevator Users

Anyone can view elevator outage records without logging in to the portal. Elevator users and members of the public can view elevator outage records by:

- Entering the postal code of the residential building or long-term care home where the elevator outage occurred
- Indicating the desired date range during which the elevator outage occurred

The portal does not show real-time information about elevators that are out of service. If elevator users have concerns about the reporting status of an elevator in a residential building or long-term care home that was out of service for 48 hours or longer and more than 30 days have passed since the elevator was returned to service, they are encouraged to contact the elevator owner and ask them to report the outage.

Reporting Elevator Outages is Important

Reporting elevator outages is a regulatory requirement that seeks to enhance the availability, safety and maintenance of elevators in Ontario. Data collected from elevator outage reports will inform and shape future regulatory decisions on elevators.

The Elevator Availability webpage will be updated periodically as we launch the reporting portal. For more information, visit Frequently Asked Questions.

About TSSA 
Throughout Ontario, the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) enforces provincial safety regulations and enhances public safety. TSSA regulates the safety of amusement devices, boilers and pressure vessels, elevating devices, fuels, operating engineers, and ski lifts. Its range of safety services includes public education, certification, licensing and registration, engineering design review, inspections, investigations, safety management consultation, compliance support, enforcement and prosecution activities.