Partnering for a Safe Ontario - Introducing TSSA's New Brand

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Nov 17, 2023

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Rebrand signals a fresh approach to promote safety in Ontario

Over the past few months, you have likely noticed a new look for TSSA, including the design and approach of our new website and social media channels. Those changes are part of a larger effort to refresh our brand.

For us, that means we are:

  • Changing the way our printed and online materials look so they are more approachable and easier to read
  • Signalling that we are approaching our work in fresh, new ways
  • Promoting the fact that we are becoming a more modern, collaborative, Outcome-Based Regulator, and
  • Demonstrating our redoubled commitment to partnering for a safe Ontario

As long as there are safety concerns in any part of the industries we regulate, we have work to do as a key player in our provincial safety system.

We are using our systems, data and expertise at TSSA to evolve as an organization to provide Ontario with more advanced approaches to safety regulation. We work with all our stakeholders, including contractors, operators, owners, industry experts and the public on improving safety and preventing harm.
We are TSSA: Partnering for a Safe Ontario

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Partnering for a Safe Ontario