Insurers to Verify Operating Status of Unverified Boilers & Pressure Vessels

Industry: Boilers and Pressure Vessels

Category: Regulatory Updates

May 09, 2024

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On May 15, 2024, TSSA will kick off an initiative to verify the operating status of boilers and pressure vessels (BPVs) that were certified at one time but did not complete the certification renewal.
TSSA’s licensing process is essential for ensuring that all BPVs actively operating in Ontario have undergone an initial inspection for compliance with the applicable Codes and standards. Subsequently, these BPVs undergo periodic inspections at pre-determined intervals throughout their operational lifespan to ensure continued safety.
You are receiving this notification as our records indicate that your company may be the last-known insurer or the inspecting Authorized Inspection Agency for some of these BPVs. TSSA needs your assistance to verify both the operating and insurer status of these BPVs.
As some of these BPVs may be in operation, removed from service, changed ownership, or exempt from inspection, your company may experience increased inquiries or requests for inspection from BPV owners or operators whom TSSA will be contacting to advise that they have unverified BPVs requiring operating status verification and possible inspection.
How You Can Help
We ask that you support your clients with the required inspection of BPVs identified as operating and requiring an inspection and address questions regarding BPV exemptions. At your request, TSSA can provide you with a list of BPVs that were last insured or inspected by your company so you can advise us on their operating and insured status.
TSSA will provide you with the instructions that we have made available to BPV owners and operators so that you are aware of our ask of them in a follow-up communication.
We thank you in advance for your support and assistance with this initiative. If you have any questions or would like to request a list of BPVs, please contact us at
Boilers and Pressure Vessels Program
Technical Standards and Safety Authority