Individual Fined $5,000 for Activating Natural-Gas Water Heater Without Certification

Industry: Fuels - Gaseous Fuels

Category: Enforcement

Jun 22, 2022


Image of legal hammerAlexander Oleszek has recently been fined $5,000, after pleading guilty to activating a natural-gas water heater at a Hamilton townhouse without the required certification in 2018. The Ontario Court of Justice ordered Oleszek to pay the fine within two years.

Why Hire Qualified Workers to Perform Fuel-Related Work?

When individuals are not certified by TSSA to perform fuel-related work:

  • their work on fuel-burning equipment is not subject to TSSA audits for compliance with safety requirements.
  • their knowledge, competency and qualifications cannot be validated.
  • they do not receive updates on safety information and training.

“Improper installation and poor work have been identified as major contributing factors to fuels- and carbon monoxide-related safety risks in people’s homes,” said Sam Sadeghi, Statutory Director, Fuels Safety Program, TSSA. “Hiring only those authorized by TSSA to perform fuel-related work is essential to safeguarding one’s health and wellbeing.”

If in doubt of a gas technician’s certification, contact TSSA toll-free at 1-877-682-8772, to verify the individual’s credentials.