Fuel Oil Distributor Audit Program

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Oct 11, 2023


After first launching three years ago, TSSA is continuing its Fuel Oil Distributor Audit Program that will require distributors to demonstrate their compliance with the Fuel Oil regulation, O. Reg. 213/01. The Fuel Oil regulation, O. Reg. 213/01, has six primary requirements that are a distributor’s responsibilities. They are as follows:  

  1. Initial and Periodic Inspections
  2. Underground Tank Registrations
  3. Supply to a Compliant Site
  4. Employees’ Certification and Compliance
  5. Incident Reporting
  6. Identification, Action as Required and Reporting of non-compliances (unacceptable conditions)

Distributors are responsible for complying with the above six primary requirements. TSSA’s audit will require the distributor to demonstrate compliance through their processes and records.

Regarding the first requirement listed above “Initial and Periodic Inspections”, if there is no process to verify distributor inspections, TSSA will now do a field verification. If TSSA does a field verification and non-compliances are found, orders will be issued to address the specific non-compliances including the following “as a person who supplies fuel to containers and tank systems, you are hereby ordered to develop a program whereby you can demonstrate that you have taken every precaution that is reasonable to ensure the inspections required by 7(1) of Ontario Regulation 213/01 (Fuel Oil) are accurate”.
Please see these advisories for further detail on the fuel oil distributor audit program:

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