FAQs for Insurers: BPV COI Portal

TSSA has an automated BPV COI Portal for insurers where insurers can:

  • Upload one or more Records of Inspection (ROIs) for COI owners to review and approve,
  • Identify whether an ROI upload was successful.
  • See which ROIs require review.
  • View the inventory they insure and inspect or download information about it.

Below are frequently asked questions about the portal. If we haven’t answered your question here, please email customerservices@tssa.org or call 1-877-682-8772.


  • I uploaded an ROI and received a “UID not found” message. What do I do?

    Our inventory system may not recognize the Unique Identification (UID) Number on your ROI. 

    Please email the appropriate UID request form to bpvidrequest@tssa.org, and we will review: 

  • I received an “Owner/Operator mismatch” message. What do I do?

    If the owner’s name on your ROI is similar to the owner’s name that TSSA displays on your inventory page in the portal, use TSSA’s version of the name on this and future ROIs. 

    If the owner’s name seems entirely different, please email bpv_inquiries@tssa.org. TSSA will investigate to see if there has been a change of ownership and will update our records if necessary. 

    We will notify you once you can resubmit the ROI. 

    Insurance cancellations work the same way. If the owner’s name is not identical but similar, use the name displayed on the inventory page in the portal—otherwise, email bpv_inquiries@tssa.org

  • I received a “Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP) mismatch” message. What do I do?

    A mismatch on the MAWP will not result in the rejection of your ROI. We will still process the ROI but must confirm that the device operates within the MAWP. Please email bpvcustomerservice@tssa.org, and we will validate the MAWP for the device. 

  • If I delete a bulk file I uploaded, will all ROIs or insurance cancellations be deleted, or only those that did not successfully upload?

    If you delete a spreadsheet file upload before completing the process, all ROIs uploaded in that file will be deleted from the portal.

  • I uploaded an ROI to the portal, but the device owner received a letter advising that they have not renewed their COI. Why?

    Owners must review and approve your uploaded ROI and then pay for their COI to avoid receiving reminder notices.

  • I cannot see some Unique Identification (UID) Numbers on the inventory page in my portal. What do I do?

    Please send an email to  bpv_inquiries@tssa.org. TSSA will investigate and resolve the issue.