Elevator Contractor Fined $300,000 For Safety Violation During Elevator Installation

Industry: Elevating Devices

Category: Enforcement

Jun 24, 2024

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Toronto, ON, June 24, 2024 – Elevator contractor OTIS Canada Inc. has been found guilty to one count of performing work on an elevator in an unsafe manner, an offence under the Technical Standards and Safety Act Ontario Regulation 209/01: Elevating Devices. The safety violation caused injuries to two apprentice elevator mechanics employed by the company. The Ontario Court of Justice ordered OTIS Canada Inc. to pay a fine of $300,000, plus a 25 per cent victim surcharge.

In April 2023, OTIS Canada Inc. was the contractor responsible for installing new elevators in a nine-storey condominium under construction in Toronto, when two apprentice elevator mechanics employed by OTIS Canada Inc. were performing work on an almost completed elevator. The apprentice mechanics failed to properly counterbalance the elevator with appropriate weights. They were riding on the elevator when it plunged from the second floor to an underground car park level, causing significant injuries. One apprentice sustained bruises while the other suffered fractures to both feet. The fallen elevator was heavily damaged. 

“This is one of the largest fines imposed on an elevator company in recent years, reflecting the seriousness of the contractor’s violation which caused significant harm,” said AJ Kadirgamar, Director of Elevating and Amusement Devices, TSSA. “Ensuring the safety of elevator workers is as critical as ensuring the safety of all riders. The elevator industry must prioritize maintaining a safe working environment for their employees and contractors.”

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