Director's Safety Order Addresses Risk of Bearing Failure

Industry: Amusement Devices, Elevating Devices

Category: Regulatory Updates

May 23, 2023


Bearings on all Dover-Turnbull counterweights with 2-to-1 roping to be assessed and monitored

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority has issued a Director’s Safety Order and an Advisory on the safety risk posed when a bearing on a 2-to-1 counterweight sheave arrangement fails.

  • Director's Safety Order on Turnbull-Dover Elevator 2:1 Roped Counterweights:
    This safety order requires counterweight as outlined in the Order to be located, accessed and retrofitted. Compliance timelines include ensuring that installations are assessed by August 30, 2023, and retrofitted by April 30, 2024. Please read Director's Safety Order 302/22 for details.
  • Advisory on 2:1 Roped Counterweights:
    This advisory, which relates to the Director's Safety Order 302/22 above, brings awareness to the maintenance and monitoring of bearings on 2:1 roped counterweights to ensure they are not presenting signs of failure. Please read Advisory 303/22 for details.

Elevating and Amusement Devices Safety Program
Technical Standards and Safety Authority