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Report an Incident or Safety Violation

Reporting an incident to TSSA, be it one causing injury, death and/or property damage, not only protects the public and associated industries from recurrence, but for regulated industries - it is the law.

To report an incident, contact: 

Spills Action Centre (open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)   1-800- 268-6060 or 



TSSA's Customer Contact Centre (toll-free)                           1-877-682-8772 

Do you work in one of TSSA's regulated industries?

If yes, then you must complete and return the appropriate incident reporting form. 

Incident reporting forms and related guidelines are available below.

                                     INCIDENT REPORTING                                     

·  Amusement Devices                  

·  Amusement Devices        

·  Elevating Devices 

·  Elevating Devices

·  Ski Lifts Incident

·  Ski Lifts Incident


·  Hydrocarbon Fuels
(Guidelines for Fuel Oil)

·  Upholstered & Stuffed Articles 

Please return the form by email or fax:

Email: (Program-specific email address provided on form)

Fax:   FUELS:  416-231-7366 

BPV:      416-231-6183

Report a Safety Violation

Do you have a concern related to an incident or safety violation?

Give us a call, toll-free, 1-877-682-8772, or send an email to customerservices@tssa.org.

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