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Upholstered & Stuffed Articles

This regulation is currently under review. The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services is asking for feedback on two options under consideration:
  1. Repealing the regulation; or
  2. Modernizing the regulation by making it more effective and relevant to the current marketplace, and less onerous for businesses to comply.
Detailed information on the review, the consultations and how to provide feedback is available on Ontario's Regulatory Registry and our blog, The Exchange.

Comments are due by September 13, 2016. After the consultation is complete, all comments will be reviewed to inform advice to the government.

TSSA's Upholstered and Stuffed Articles Safety Program regulates upholstered and stuffed articles in Ontario as to ensure conformance with the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000 and applicable regulation.

The program's role is to protect the public from potential hazards associated with the use of unclean or unsafe filling materials in upholstered and stuffed articles in Ontario. In addition to promoting safety, TSSA’s aim is to protect consumers against fraud, misrepresentation of filling materials in upholstered and stuffed articles, and to provide a level playing field for the industry.

The mandate of the program is to ensure that only new and clean filling materials are used in upholstered and stuffed articles, and that all articles are correctly labelled. Such articles include toys, sporting goods, pet items, furniture, mattresses, down-filled apparel, bedding items, handbags, luggage and seasonal ornaments. The requirements for new and clean filling materials are enforced through inspections at point-of-sale and the manufacturing level.

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