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Training, Certification & Examination

TSSA is responsible for the certification and examination of operating engineers and operators to confirm their qualifications. These activities ensure that all operating engineers and operators in Ontario have the skills and knowledge to safely manage, operate and maintain registered power plants.

TSSA, in conjunction with the Operating Engineers Advisory Council and stakeholders update certification requirements on an on-going basis to ensure the safety of engineers and operators, plants and the public.

Power Plant operation falls under the Technical Standards and Safety Act 2000 and its related Operating Engineers Regulation 219/01. TSSA, in conjunction with the Operating Engineers Industry Council and stakeholders update certification requirements on an on-going basis to ensure the safety of Engineers and Operators, Plants and the public.

TSSA Certification Examination Preparation Guide

Examinations Disability Accommodation Procedure

Examinations Disability Accommodation Application

Examination requirements for Compressor and Refrigeration Operator certificates changed January 1, 2016.

The essay format requirement for Compressor and Refrigeration Operator B has been eliminated, and Refrigeration Operator A exams no longer include a multiple-choice component. Please refer to the chart below for details.

Compressor Operator

    • 150 multiple-choice questions

    Refrigeration Operator B             

      • 150 multiple-choice questions

      Refrigeration Operator A

        • Essay-type, consisting of 5 questions

        The Operating Engineer Chief Officer’s decision to enact these changes reduces the burden on those entering the profession without compromising safety or efficacy of the process.

        These changes harmonizes Ontario requirements with all other Canadian jurisdictions (British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador) who regulate the ‘Refrigeration B’ industry, and subscribe to the SOPEEC singular examination model.

        The remaining jurisdictions, with the exception of Quebec, which has adopted different standards, do not regulate the refrigeration industry.


        What does this mean to me?

        If you’ve successfully written your RB-1 or C-1 exam, and met all other prerequisites for certification, you are now eligible for certification!

        I’ve already registered and paid to write the exam. Will I get a refund?

        No. The fee you’ve paid will be applied toward the cost of your Operator initial certification fee.  Please contact the Certification and Examinations department at 416-734-3590 for more information.

        What does this mean for Ontario?

        More qualified certificate holders available to meet local demand.

        If you have any questions, please contact TSSA’s Certification and Examination department at 416-734-3590 or email examinationandcertification@tssa.org.

        Note to Candidates Writing the 3rd Class Power Engineer Certification Examinations

        The format for the 3B1 Power Engineering examination paper is changing from essay to multiple-choice format – in line with other third class exams.

        The planned implementation date to administer the 3B1 examination in a multiple-choice format is January 1, 2016.

        This change will only involve the format of the 3B1 exam. Whether administered in essay or multiple-choice format, the syllabus, pass mark and time to write the exam remains the same.

        Be sure to check the SOPEEC website for progress updates on the implementation process.

        Examination Results

        Please note that effective September 1, 2014, all examination results correspondence will be sent via email.  Please ensure that TSSA has your most current email address.  If you are expecting a results letter and have not received it, please check your spam file. 

        Labour Mobility

        The Government of Ontario recently implemented the Ontario Labour Mobility Act, 2009 to allow an individual certified for a specific occupation in one province or territory to be recognized for the same or matched certification in another – without additional material training, experience, examinations or assessments.

        To learn more about labour mobility, please refer to:
        Labour Mobility Page for Operating Engineers

        Under Operating Engineers Regulation (O.Reg. #219/01), TSSA regulates the policies and procedures for the following certifications:

         Operating Engineer Certificates
        Operating Engineer/Power Engineer
        Operator Certificates
        Refrigeration Operator
        Compressor Operator
        Steam Traction Operator

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