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Applications, Forms & Fees

Application Forms
These forms are available as "Fillable PDF" and can be completed on your computer. To view and print these documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (free software). For further instructions on how to fill out these forms click here (Fillable PDF: 18 KB Download).

Environmental Services

Environmental Review Services Form


Application for Registration in Ontario as a Contractor Form FS 09132

Precision Leak Test Failure Report

Red Tag / Pressure Test Tag Order Form


Application for Renewal - Level 1 Propane Licence FS 09190 (PDF:2,357 KB Download)

Application for Renewal - Level 2 Propane Licence FS 09191  (PDF:337KB Download)

Application for an Ontario Licence to Operate a New or Modified Propane Container Refill Centre or a Filling Plant FS 09197 (02/12) (PDF: 20KB Download)

Application for an Ontario License to Operate a Propane Cylinder Handling Facility or Cylinder Exchange FS 09198 (02/12) (Fillable PDF: 270 KB Download)

Pre-Installation Site Checksheet for Propane Filling Plant or Container Refill Centre FS 09108 (10/14) (Fillable PDF: 117KB Download)

Application for a Review of a Risk and Safety Management Plan (RSMP) for an Existing Propane Facility FS 09196 (09/12) (PDF: 41KB Download)

Level 1 Risk and Safety Management Plan (RSMP) FS 09195 (10/14) (PDF: 903KB Download)

Application for an Ontario Licence to Operate as a Conversion Centre Form FS 09144 (03/05) (PDF: 23 KB Download)

Application for an Ontario Licence to Transmit Natural Gas by Pipeline Form FS 09136 (12/09) (Fill and Save PDF: 85 KB Download)

Application for an Ontario Licence to Transmit Oil by Pipeline Form FS 09137 (12/09) (Fillable PDF: 85 KB Download)

Application for an Ontario Licence to Distribute Natural Gas Form FS 09138 (09/12) (Fillable PDF: 114 KB Download)

Application for an Ontario Licence to Operate a Compressed Gas Refuelling Station FS 09139 (03/12) (Fillable PDF:114 KBDownload)

Ontario Licence to Operate a Retail Outlet or Bulk Storage Plant Form FS 09193 (03/15) (Fill and Save PDF: 188 KB Download)

Application for an Ontario Licence to Transport Fuel FS 09131 (09/12) (Fillable PDF: 133 KB Download)

Ontario Licence to Operate a Fuel Oil Distribution Facility Form FS 09553 (09/04) (Fillable PDF: 47 KB Download)


Engineering Approvals

Ontario Authorization to Operate an Emergency Standby Power (ESP) Form FS 09140 (07/10)(FillablePDF: 101 KB Download)

Approval of Special Effects Form FS 09141 (11/14) (Fillable PDF: 97KB Download)

Application for Approval of High Pressure System Form FS 09142 (11/14) (Fill and Save) PDF: 143KB Download)

Advisory: Registration Procedures for Underground Fuel Oil Tanks
Application for Registration of an Underground Fuel Oil Tank Form FS 09143 (11/14)  (Fillable PDF: 127KB Download)

Field Approval Information (Fillable PDF: 0.2 MB Download)

Application for Field Approval of Mobile Food Service Equipment FS 09124 (11/14) (Fill & Save PDF: 125KB  )

Application for Field Approval of Appliances or Equipment FS 09121 (11/14) (Fill and Save PDF: 129KB Download)

Field Approval Submission Summary (Fillable PDF: 631KB Download)

Field Approval Code, TSSA-FA-2012 (PDF 95KB Download)

Application for Variance/Deviation FS 09533 (11/14) (Fillable PDF:127KB )

Application for Approval of Digester Gas, Bio-Gas & Landfill Gas Installations FS 09129(PDF: 106KB Download)

Piping Systems Installation and Test Data Report FS 09078 (PDF: 20KB Download)

Application for a Consultation FS 09125 (11/14) (PDF: 346KB Download)



Ontario Certificate of Qualification Form FS 09161 (08/12) (Fill and Save PDF: 27 KB Download)

Application for Training Provider Accreditation FS 09168 (05/13) (PDF: 20KM Download)

Oil Technician Material Order Form (PDF:77KB Download)

Application for a Fuels Safety Mechanic Examination FS 09330 (08/12)(PDF:39KBDownload)

Record of Training Attestation FS 09169 (PDF: 81KB )


Label For Gas Fired Residential Draft Boilers

Vehicle Label Order Form (07/10) (PDF: 41KB Download)

Guidelines for Excavation in the Vicinity of Utility Lines


Complete the Form and Return to:
Technical Standards & Safety Authority
Licensing & Registration
345 Carlingview Drive
Toronto, ON M9W 6N9

All fees are payable in Canadian funds and due upon receipt. A variety of payment options are available, including use of debit card (in-person), credit card, cheque or money order, and wire transfer. Any questions regarding payment may be addressed by contacting the Technical Standards and Safety Authority's Customer Contact Centre toll-free at 1-877-682-TSSA (8772) or email at customerservices@tssa.org.

Liquid Fuels Fee Schedule - Effective: May 1, 2013 (PDF: 41KB Download)

Natural Gas Fee Schedule - Effective: May 1, 2013 (PDF: 42KB Download)

Propane Fee Schedule - Effective: May 1, 2013 (PDF: 42KB Download)

(for prior fee schedule and to know what's changed, click here)

Standard Billing Practices - Effective May, 2017 (PDF)

Harmonized Sales Tax (PDF: 27Kb Download)



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