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Lessons Learned

Welcome to Lessons Learned. Here you'll find the latest "best practices" compiled by TSSA's Inspection and Engineering Staff for the Elevating Devices Safety Program. This page is updated often; please check back regularly.

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LL ED0003: Flywheel Bolt Failure Horn single Speed Machines ( Download)
LL ED0004: Anti-Creep Non-Conformance ( Download)
LL ED0007 Vertical Platform Lift with Chain Unlocking Device Potentially Unsafe ( Download)
LL ED0009: Inspection of Elevators Utilizing Wooden Support Beams ( Download)
LL ED0011: Machine Room Sensor at Designated Landing Phase 1 ( Download)
LL ED0016: Moving Walk Handrail Clearance ( Download)
LL ED0021 Safety Test on Lifts for Persons with Disabilities B355-00 ( Download)
LL ED0027 Shearing Hazard on Vertical Platfrom Lift ( Download)
LL ED0049: Hoistway Access Keys ( Download)
LL ED0052 Construction Hoist and Disconnecting Means ( Download)

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