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Applications, Forms & Fees

The TSSA forms below are available in either PDF or Excel formats.

B44 Safety Code for Elevators

Submission Guidelines(PDF 0.2 MB Download)

Specification Sheets (Master) include forms for Elevators, Dumbwaiters, Material Lift/Freight Platform Lifts, Parking Garage Lifts, Lifts for Persons with Physical Disabilities.  Also includes the Application, Document transmittal, the Abridged Form, and the Minor A-Car Top Railing Template.

2010 Specification Sheet (Master) (EXCEL: 1.3 MB Download)

Escalators & Moving Walks
(EXCEL: 376 KB Download)

Escalator and Moving Walk Start-Up Logs
(PDF: 173 KB Download or WORD DOC: 109KB Download)

Notification of Minor Type B Alteration Templates (EXCEL: 459 KB Download)

Alteration Checklist for B44-2010(EXCEL: 537 KB Download)

Application for Variance
(EXCEL: 100 KB Download)

Supplementary Owners Report for LULA Elevators
(EXCEL: 96 KB Download)

Request for Relocation of an Elevating Device Licence ED 09397 (PDF: 23 KB Download)

Maintenance Checklist for FEO-Record of Inspection Checks
(PDF:115 KB Download)

Passenger & Freight Elevator Pre-Inspection Checklist 2017 (PDF:243 KB Download)

Machine Guarding (EXCEL: 556 KB )

Temporary Elevator (EXCEL: 355 KB )

Emergency Operation Inspection Checklists
The Fire Fighters Emergency Operation Inspection checklists have has been prepared for those who have been properly trained on its use and on the inspection, repair and maintenance of elevators. TSSA cautions that untrained or improper use of those documents may result in incomplete, improper or faulty inspections. TSSA takes no responsibility for any loss, harm or injury that may arise from the use of these documents.  FEO checklists after B44-00 are copyright by ASME, and are available in the ASME - A17.2 Inspectors Guide.

B355 Lifts for Persons with Physical Disabilities

2010 Specification Sheet (Master)(EXCEL: 1,286 KB Download)

Supplementary Report for Lifts for Persons with Physical Disabilities ED 09088 (02/2007)(PDF: 232 KB Download)

Lifts for Person with Physical Disabilities Pre-Inspection Checklist 2017 (PDF: 160 KBDownload)

Parking Garage Lifts (PGLs) - EN14010
2010 Specification Sheet (Master)(EXCEL: 1,286 KB Download)

B311 Safety Code for Manlifts
Power Type Manlifts(EXCEL: 292 KB Download)

Hand Powered Counterbalanced Manlifts
(EXCEL: 252 KB Download)

Stage Lifts
Stage Lift(EXCEL: 252 KB Download)

Stage Lift Guidelines
(PDF: 83 KB Download)

Construction Hoists - Z185 Personnel Hoists or Z256 Material Hoists
Construction Hoists ED 09383 (09/03)(EXCEL: 236 KB Download)


Contractor Registration Form (PDF:654 KB Download)

Owner Contractor Registration Form(PDF: 39 KB Download)

Consultant Registration Form
(MS-Word: 0.1 MB Download)

Evacuation Contractor Registration Form
(PDF 38KB: 0.1 MB Download)

2016 Elevating Devices Contractor Renewal Package  (PDF: 72 KB )

Contractor Maintenance List (Excel File)

Safety Standard for Conveyors and Related Equipment
Shopping Cart Conveyors(Excel 0.3 Mb Download)

Common Forms

Application for Initial Device Licence

Application For Safety Assessment (EXCEL 0.1 MB Download)

Questionnaire To Determine If The Premises Where An Elevating Has Been Installed Is A Private Dwelling House
(PDF: 43 KB Download)

Safety Test Certificate - ED 09360(PDF: 40 KBDownload)

Application For Variance (EXCEL: 0.1 MBDownload)

Guideline for Variance - Operating an Elevator with a Buried Single Bottom Cylinder Beyond May 1, 2015 (PDF: 150KB )

Request For Duplicate Elevating Device Plates Form ED/AD 09396(PDF: 30 KBDownload)

Elevating Devices - Change of Information ED 09217 (05/15) (PDF:138 KBDownload)

Application for an Elevating Device Licence Ownership/Licensee Change ED 09218 (PDF: 134 KB Download)

Examination of an Elevating Device (PDF: 53 KBDownload)

Note: In order to download Excel files, some versions of the Netscape browser may require you to click on the underlined link with the right mouse button (use the Command key on Macintosh) and select Save this Link as... from the pop-up menu. Because Excel files are binary files, make sure that you save them as Source instead of Text (Macintosh only).

Fee Schedule
All fees are payable in Canadian funds and due upon receipt. A variety of payment options are available, including use of debit card (in-person), credit card, cheque or money order, and wire transfer. Any questions regarding payment may be addressed by contacting the Technical Standards and Safety Authority's Customer Contact Centre toll-free at 1-877-682-TSSA (8772) or email at customerservices@tssa.org.

ED Fee Schedule - Effective: May 1, 2013 (PDF: 181 KB Download)

Standard Billing Practices - Effective: May, 2017(PDF: 78 KB Download)

Harmonized Sales Tax
(PDF: 27 KB Download)

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