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TSSA's Elevating Devices (ED) Safety Program regulates elevating devices in Ontario as to ensure all devices conform to the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000 and applicable regulations, codes and standards. TSSA reviews and registers elevating devices, issues licences, conducts inspections and performs incident investigations. 

List of regulated elevating devices made under the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000:

  1. Elevators being,
    i. freight elevators,
    ii. freight elevators-P,
    iii. hand-power freight elevators
    iv. observation elevators
    v. passenger elevators,
    vi. sidewalk elevators, 
    vii. temporary elevators, and
    viii. limited use/limited application elevators.
  2. Dumbwaiters being,
    i. dumbwaiters, other than hand-power dumbwaiters, and
    ii. hand-power dumbwaiters.
  3. Escalators.
  4. Moving walks.

    4.1  Shopping cart conveyors.
  5. Freight platform lifts and material lifts, being,
    i. freight platform lifts - Type A, 
    ii. freight platform lifts - Type B,
    iii. material lifts - Type A, or
    iv. material lifts - Type B.
  6. Lifts for persons with physical disabilities, being,
    i. stairchair lifts,
    ii. enclosed stair platform lifts,
    iii. unenclosed stair platform lifts,
    iv. enclosed vertical platform lifts, and
    v. unenclosed vertical platform lifts.
  7. Manlifts, being,
    i. counter-balanced type manlifts,
    ii. endless belt type manlifts, and
    iii. power type manlifts.
  8. Passenger ropeways, being,
    i. above-surface ropeways, whether circulating passenger ropeways such as chair lifts or gondola lifts or reversible passenger ropeways such as aerial tramways,
    ii. surface ropeways such as bar lifts or ropeways made of fibre or wire,
    iii. ropeways for secondary carriers such as tube tows, or
    iv. conveyors.
  9. Construction hoists, being,
    i. material construction hoists,
    ii. workers' rail-guided construction hoists, and
    iii. workers' rope-guided construction hoists.
  10. Incline lifts, being,
    i. incline elevators,
    ii. incline dumbwaiters,
    iii. incline manlifts,
    iv. include construction hoists,
    v. incline freight platform lifts, and
    vi. funicular railways.
  11. Stage lifts.
  12. Special elevating devices.
  13. Parking garage lifts.
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