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TSSA delivers public safety services within its delegated responsibility to administer the Technical and Standards Safety Act,2000 (the Act). Under subsection 22.(1) of the Act, any person disputing the requirement to pay fees or any person affected by an inspector's order/seal may appeal.


Types of Appeal

Under the Act, three types of appeal exist:

Fee Appeal: an appeal of the requirement to pay fees for an inspection;

Order Appeal: an appeal of an inspector's order regarding a contravention under the Act, regulations or Minister's Order; or

Seal Appeal: an appeal of the affixing of a seal that denies operation of a thing (whether subject to an authorization or not).

An appeal however does not suspend the order: you must abide by an inspector's order or seal even under appeal. After the appeal hearing, the Director may change, revoke or affirm an order. Yet before engaging in a formal appeal, which may be a lengthy legal process, the most efficient manner to resolve many issues is through informal resolution.


Informal Resolution

Matters can often be cleared up with a simple phone call.


Fees: If you have a question or concern regarding the requirement to pay fees, contact TSSA toll-free at 1-877-682-8772. Order/Seal: If you have questions or concerns regarding an inspector's order or seal, contact your local inspector or the regional supervisor.


To learn more about informal resolutions and frequently asked questions in regulated sectors, please choose your industry of interest below:

Amusement Devices Appeals
Boilers and Pressure Vessels Appeals
Elevating Devices Appeals
Fuels-Related Appeals
Operating Engineers Appeals
Ski Lifts Appeals
Upholstered and Stuffed Articles Appeals

If you are still not satisfied with the rationale for a respective order, seal or fee, you may engage in a formal appeal.


Rules of Practice for Appeals

Pursuant to section 25.1 of the Statutory Powers Procedure Act, the Rules of Practice apply to order/seal and fee appeals.

Rules of Practice
Régles de Pratique


Appeal Information Bulletins and Forms

Appeal of Inspector's Orders/Seals (Information Bulletin)

Appeal of Inspector's Orders/Seals Form A-1

Appeal of the Requirement to Pay Fees (Information Bulletin)

Appeal of the Requirement to Pay Fees Form F-1


To find a copy of the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000, please visit ServiceOntario's database of legal statutes and legislation at www.e-laws.gov.on.ca


Any questions with regard to formal appeals or to file your appeal, contact the Hearings Coordinator at 1-877-682-8772 (toll-free) or email hearingscoordinator@tssa.org.

Hearings Coordinator
Technical Standards and Safety Authority
345 Carlingview Drive
Toronto, ON M9W 6N9


Only original signed appeal forms will be accepted.

An appeal may only be filed by hand delivery, registered mail or courier.

Faxed appeals will not be accepted.



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