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Introducing TSSA’s New OE Chief Officer

Mike Adams M.Eng. P.Eng. PMP Director, Boilers and Pressure Vessels & Operating Engineers BPV Chief Inspector, OE Chief OfficerMike Adams, TSSA’s Statutory Director for both the Boiler and Pressure Vessels and Operating Engineers Safety Programs, (BPV/OE), has been appointed TSSA’s OE Chief Officer.This follows the retirement of John W.B. Coulter July 31, 2015, and consolidates both Chief Officer functions into one role.

Mike has been with TSSA as Statutory Director for over four years and brings with him a wealth of OE experience, starting with 20 years in the Canadian Navy as a marine engineer.  He earned his marine engineering Certificate of Competency (equivalent to First Class OE) in the early eighties and served on several steam destroyers (First Class Power Plants) as well as fulfilled the responsibilities of Chief Examiner Marine Engineering at the Naval Officer Training Centre. He finally made it ashore in 1992 where he managed the Navy’s research and development program for fuel cell power systems.

In the mid-nineties, he took off the uniform and began an eclectic career as a project manager, then program manager, with Science Applications International Corporation (an engineering services company). Subsequent roles included that of Program Director at a Kingston fuel cell research and development company as well as Ontario Power Generation before Mike joined TSSA in 2011.

Mike’s credentials include a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Electrical Engineering (with two patents just for the fun of it). He is a registered P.Eng in Ontario and a certified Project Management Professional. Mike also holds a boiler inspector commission and is the Chief Inspector representing Ontario at National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.  He is also a member of ASME, IPE, PEO, PMI and NB.

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