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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q : What is considered an amusement device and when does the amusement devices regulation apply?
A : The definition for an amusement device is broad. In the Ontario Regulation 221/01, Amusement device is defined as a “machine, contrivance, structure, vehicle or device, or component attached or to be attached thereto, used to entertain persons by moving them or causing them to be moved and includes the area peripheral thereto if such area is integral to the device.”

Devices that meet the above definition must be closely assessed to determine if they are amusement devices and would therefore be subject to the amusement devices regulation.

Q : Are there any devices that are exempt from the amusement device regulation?
A : Yes, there are devices exempt from the regulation, which include, but are not limited to:
• Fixed or portable climbing walls, rock climbing walls and most inflatable climbing walls.
• Devices typically found in retail shopping centers, which are designed and built to be operated by coin, token or card.
• Public pools, wave action pools and lazy rivers.

To know if your inflatable device is regulated, check the inflatable device decision tree available: Inflatable Device Decision Tree

For a full list of exemptions under the amusement device regulation, please refer to section 2.(2) of Ontario Regulation 221/01.

If you are unsure whether your device is regulated or exempted, please contact:
Customer Services
Tel: 1-877-682-TSSA (8772)
Email: customerservices@tssa.org


Q : I am an amusement device owner and I plan to operate an amusement device in Ontario, what should I do?
A : To operate an amusement device in Ontario, the owner must apply for a License to Operate and an Amusement Device Permit for each device that would operate in Ontario. For details on the registration process, please read:

Operating An Amusement Device in Ontario


Q : How often are amusement devices inspected in Ontario?
A : Every new amusement device in Ontario is inspected by TSSA prior to public operation. Additionally, at the start of every new amusement ride season, an existing device regulated by TSSA must be inspected and issued a valid permit.  

Q : How do I know if an amusement company is licensed or if an amusement device has a current valid permit with TSSA or not?
A : Ride owners should have a valid TSSA Operator’s License and a valid TSSA Permit for all inspected amusement devices they are running in Ontario. Operator’s License and Valid Permits are renewed annually. You may request the ride owner or operator for proof of their current Valid Permit and Operator’s License. To verify the current status of an operator or an amusement device, contact:
Customer Services
Tel: 1-877-682-TSSA (8772)
Email: customerservices@tssa.org

For the current status of an operator, you must have the name of the operator or the license number.
For the current status of an amusement device, you must have the amusement device number.

For additional information about amusement device permits visit safetyinfo.ca/wp-content/uploads/free-resources/spring-summer/AreYourAmusementRidesSafe.pdf

Q : I have an inflatable rental company but only rent out to private dwellings; do I need to register my inflatables?
A : Inflatables are generally regulated by the TSSA. If you are renting out your inflatables ONLY to Private Dwellings (e.g. backyard parties), your devices are exempted from the regulation per Ontario Regulation 221/01 Amusement devices 2.(2).29
“Amusement devices operated at private dwellings, including the land upon which the private dwellings are situated and used exclusively by the owner or occupants and their guests” are exempted from our regulations.”

However, note that if you rent out your devices for use on public venues or BOTH private dwellings and public venues, you must apply for a TSSA Operator’s License and a TSSA Permit. For tips on the safe operation of your inflatables, please visit safetyinfo.ca/backyard-inflatables

Q : What are examples of public venues where amusement devices should have a permit to operate?
A : Public events may be free or paid events that are setup in public venues and may include attendance of the general public. Patrons do not have to be paying customers for the law to apply. Public venues include but are not limited to:
• Shopping mall parking lots
• School playgrounds
• Amusement parks
• Public parks
• Church grounds
• Banquet halls
• Company parking lots or function rooms

In terms of location of device use, ONLY amusement devices used in private dwellings are exempted from the Ontario Regulation 221/01. Amusement devices used in private dwellings are the responsibility of the owner. Ride owners may however, opt to get their device inspected and obtain a valid TSSA permit even for private use only. For tips on amusement device safety, visit http://safetyinfo.ca/amusement-ride-safety/

Q : How can I find information about submitting engineers that can help me with the design submission for my amusement device?
A : If you require the contact information of professional engineers who have full knowledge of the TSSA Act and Ontario Regulations that have worked with us in the past, please contact:
Customer Services
Tel: 1-877-682-TSSA (8772)
Email: customerservices@tssa.org

Please note that TSSA does not endorse specific professional engineers or engineering firms to complete design submissions. If you have trouble finding professional engineers, Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) has a searchable database for all licensed engineers in Ontario available at http://www.peo.on.ca/cgi-bin/EPIM_Search/EPIM_Form_Search.do

Q : I/someone I know was hurt from an amusement ride. How do I report an amusement ride accident?
A : If you are hurt or injured from an amusement device, you must report the case immediately to the ride operator. The ride operator is responsible for filling out an incident report for the TSSA and also for their records. For a complete guideline on incident reporting or if you would like to submit your own incident report, visit http://www.tssa.org/report.aspx

If you have other safety concerns about the amusement device, please contact:
Customer Services
Tel: 1-877-682-TSSA (8772)
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