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Applications, Forms & Fees

TSSA forms are available in various formats including RTF, PDF, Word and Excel. Forms marked as "Fillable PDF" can be completed on your computer. For instructions on how to fill out these forms click here (PDF: 18 KB Download). Some forms must be printed and then filled out. 

Approved Amusement Devices Operating Schedule Template (Excel 44KDownload)

2017 Amusement Devices Renewal Package  (PDF: 650KB )

Completed templates must be emailed to TSSA at adoperatingschedules@tssa.org.  Updates to Operating Schedules during the course of the operating season must also be sent to this email address as needed.

Application for an Ontario Initial Permit to Operate an Amusement Device - AD 09086 (09/12) (PDF: 62 KB Download)

Application for an Ontario Licence to Carry on Business of Operating Amusement Device AD 09065 (06/14) (PDF: 356 KB Download)

Declaration of Amusement Device Change of Ownership - AD 09063 (03/15) (PDF: 99 KB )

Declaration of Maintaining Contractor/Mechanic for Amusement Devices AD 09064 (02/14) (PDF: 67 KB )

Request for Duplicate Amusement Device Plates Form EDAD 09396 (PDF: 55 KB Download)

Application for an Ontario Certificate of Qualification as an Amusement Device Mechanic Form AD09075 (04/08) (PDF: 223 KB Download)

Application for Variance (EXCEL: 100 KB Download)

Technical Dossier Application and Specification Sheets

Application for a device permit based on a Type Certification (EXCEL: 0.1MB Download

Application for filing of a technical dossier (EXCEL: 0.2 MB Download)

Specification Sheet for Amusement Devices (EXCEL: 62 KB Download

Specification Sheet for Waterslide (EXCEL: 0.1 MB Download)

Specification Sheet for Inflatable Devices (EXCEL: 0.1 MB Download)

Specification Sheet for Go Karts & Tracks (EXCEL: .01 MB Download)

Specification Sheet for Zip Lines (EXCEL: 26KB Download)

Fee Schedule
All fees are payable in Canadian funds and due upon receipt. A variety of payment options are available, including use of debit card (in-person), credit card, cheque or money order, and wire transfer. Any questions regarding payment may be addressed by contacting the Technical Standards and Safety Authority's Customer Contact Centre toll-free at 1-877-682-TSSA (8772) or email at customerservices@tssa.org.

AD Fee Schedule - Effective May 1, 2013 (PDF: 44KB Download)

(for prior fee schedule and to know what's changed, click here)

Standard Billing Practice - Effective May, 2017 (PDF: 78KB Download)

Harmonized Sales Tax (PDF: 27KB Download)



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